Sit on Santa’s lap.. possibly be granted a wish!

Yeah yeah, i’m a big Scrooge when it comes to the holidays.. but I actually really like contests and deals and SOME holiday movies.

Anyways, I came across this contest: Got a Wish Sweepstakes

The link takes you to a really cute video of Santa and an Elf about a Ceiva Digital Photo Frame. You can upload your own picture and see it in the video if you want.
After you watch the video, you just click the link to enter the contest- SUPER easy. Fill out your info and you’re done (you have to be 18 and a resident of the US though).
The prize? They’re giving away $500 a day for each day the contest is running. I signed up- no brainer!

And in all seriousness, the Ceiva digital photo frame has to be one of THE coolest things ever. You can e-mail your pictures to it and they show automatically. If you order it before December 22nd, not only do you get one-hundred dollars off.. but a year free of the photo-share program (the one that allows you to email your pictures to the frame). Oh, and free shipping. Pretty awesome if you ask me! Maybe if I win the $500 i’ll have to buy one for Thomas for Christmas so he can take it to work.


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