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For those of you who have well behaved children while shopping.. you’re damn lucky. I’m sure if you’ve ever been out of your house to a store.. ANY store… you’ve heard the faint (or loud if you’re unlucky) sounds of multiple babies screaming their lungs out. Usually that isn’t the case for us.. but sometimes Holden just gets in one of those moods where he wants NOTHING to do with shopping. He doesn’t want to be in the shopping cart, he doesn’t want to drink his sippy, he doesn’t want to be held.. he just wants to be at home tearing the living room apart. Or running around the store on his own recognisance and that just isn’t going to happen.

With Holden it’s really luck of the draw. Some days he loves going shopping. He likes the lights and sounds and especially the people. He’s one of those little kids that STARES at people. He’d win a staring contest hands down. For some weird disgusting reason, he also really likes licking shopping carts.. much to my horror of course. We have one of those cart covers, but HOLY MOTHER OF GOD they are the biggest pain in the ass. It takes me a good 3 minutes to get the thing fully attached to the cart… and that’s WITH Thomas holding Holden while i’m doing it. Trying to put that thing on alone is a no-go. Thank God for the ‘cart sanitizing station’ all of the stores around here have now (well, all of the big ones). Shopping carts have got to be some of the dirtiest things known to man next to toilet seats and doorknobs.

Now, you add his selective dislike for shopping in with holiday crowds and shopping cart ‘traffic jams’, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. Since Thomas and I had basically done very VERY little Christmas shopping, and I had just ordered prints online to pick up at Target- today was the day to just go and get this shit taken care of so we weren’t fighting the crowds on Christmas Eve (i’ve done it before and never want to do it again).

For the first… eh… 20 minutes or so, everything was fine. Holden was having a good time. He’d hear a baby yell, and he’d yell back (I seriously wonder if they understand eachother). Spent most of his time looking at things, studying things… and then we got into the high traffic area while searching for Holden’s favorite toys in the world.. Soft plastic tonka trucks

Holden is literally obsessed with the two he has, and since we’re broke and they are $3.50 a piece… they are the perfect gift for him. Wal-mart didn’t have them.. and there’s no way in hell we were going to try and go to Toys-R-Us who we know has them, so off to the toy section at Target we went.
The amount of carts was ridiculous. You seriously had to wait in line to get into an isle. Non-movement is a big no-no when it comes to shopping with Holden. If you don’t keep the cart moving at all times, he starts to totally flip out. Why? I don’t know. Boredom? Brattiness? Who knows. All I know is that he started getting fidgety immediately. The only thing we could do to stop him from the whiny cry was give him one of his new tonka trucks. It seemed to calm him at first, but he is a glutton for punishment and kept throwing it at random people in the store.. or dropping it down under his seat, and no hands can comfortable bend that way to pull it back out.

Before I had Holden, I used to glare at moms who let their kids scream bloody murder in stores, but now I completely understand and would even cheer them on (y’know, depending on the situation). Sometimes, you just gotta let your kid scream it out. They’re not crying because they’re hurt.. they’re doing it for attention- because they’re bored.. want out of the cart.. etc etc. Just want their way. And in my personal opinion, giving in is one of the worst things you can do, because then your kid knows that all they have to do is scream and they’ll get their way. Not on my watch! Thomas is always tempted to pull Holden out of the cart when he screams, I think he gets embarrassed. I’ve learned to tune it out and act like nothing is happening. Eventually Holden gets over it and is better off because of it. It gets highly irritating, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Check out was even worse than ‘waiting in line’ to get into the toy isle. Ugh. You have Holden squirming, trying to pull everything off any rack he could potentially reach, whining… turning red in the face- and there are so many people around that even though you’ve paid, you can’t move. You have to wait in a line to get OUT OF A LINE. We ended up giving in and popping a binky in his mouth. Not something I like doing, because as i’ve said- I do NOT want him becoming dependant on it… but I also got to the point where him making a total scene was just not an option for my sanity’s sake.

There really has to be something more effective to distract him while shopping. If someone knows the magic remedy- let me know. And no, I will not carry him around while shopping. The kid weighs 30 pounds, it’s just not gonna happen. Call me a weakling if you wish, but you’re calling Thomas one, too!

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  • That reminded me of when we went to Sam’s yesterday afternoon. They had ZERO buggies, so we had to carry Ally the whole time. Talk about sore arms. I ended up letting her hold my hand and walk with me, but she only did good for maybe 5 minutes and then she wanted her run of the place and it was just TOO BUSY!!

    We just make sure to take her sippy and several small toys to try to keep her occupied lol!

  • I don’t think we could EVER put Holden down! He would tear everything off of the shelves and totally FLIP if we tried to pick him back up!

  • When our daughter was little, we took one of the mini magnadoodle things,a mini etch a sketch or a magnet play book. They normally kept her entertained for a while, when we were shopping.

    Now she is 8 and I get the occasional, “MOM, I DON’T WANT TO GO TO THE STORE!!!” I don’t think it ever ends, lmao.