My quest to fill time

After Holden goes to bed at night, Thomas and I have hours of free time with honestly not a lot to do. We can’t be too loud, so having a raging party is out of the question.. We can’t honestly even have the TV too loud. Sigh.. curse of having a light sleeper for a child.
Anyways, we’ve started filling the time with little online games. Not games like World of Warcraft (GOD NO!), but just little time killers.

In my quest to fill my spare time, I came across a game that is meant for children… but c’mon, children’s games are fun for adults too!
Action AllStars Sports-themed Virtual World is (obviously) an online sports game- that’s free! I spent forever just creating my avatar. If you have children who love baseball or basketball (or if you’re an adult with some time to kill), this is perfect for them. It’s safe so there’s no worries about them getting themselves into trouble online. The games are fun and pretty easy to figure out, too. There are 4 arenas to choose from (levels to play in) so there’s a lot of stuff to do.. meaning you won’t get bored easily.

Now, if you’ll excuse me- It’s time to school someone in the fine art of the NBA.


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