My purse ate my glasses

Upon digging through my cluttered purse, I came across my poor neglected glasses. They’re scratched up (because I could only afford the cheap kind, and even those were expensive).. seem to have this weird permanent glitter all over the lenses, and I think they might even sit on my face a little crooked.

With all the other money i’ve had to shell out lately, i’m really not sure how I can afford new eyeglasses. Going to a store in the mall, or an optometrist would probably once again cost me out of my butt (hey, insurance only covers 90% of dental, who knows how much or little they’d cover of optical).. and that’s not an option for me.

There’s a website that is offering glasses for $15, Optical4less.com
Not only prescription glasses, but they come with that anti-reflective coating for free.. Another thing I couldn’t afford when I bought the pair I have now.
The best feature of the site has to be the virtual try-on system. No one wants to buy glasses without trying them on.. and.. well, you don’t have to.

Maybe if I can recover from the $300.00 I have to pay to get these teeth pulled from my face, i’ll have to buy a new pair of glasses (or three, I suck at making decisions).

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