Internet wars, LOL!

(Note: this blog is very late because I spent the majority of my night fighting with wrapping paper)

I’ll be the first to admit that i’ve been a tad down in the dumps lately. It’s the holiday season, we don’t have a lot of money, and we just realized that even if we get approved for a home loan- there’s no way we can afford the payments.
Pretty good reason to not be into the holiday spirit, don’t you think?

There’s only been one other time in the history of this blog that i’ve ever addressed stupid comments i’ve received due to the content I post. Since then, i’m all about letting it slide. I can roll with the punches, and most of the negative comments I receive are just so far out of left field that they give me a laugh.

Being that i’m already down, and it’s CHRISTMAS, and still 2 people (or maybe just 1 posting two stupid comments) decided to kick me while i’m down, i’m going to sink to their level and turn into super bitch and address the comments right here.

Hopefully, you can laugh along with me at the complete absurdness and stupidity of what’s been said- and laugh as I have a little bit of a bitch fit.
You wanna crap on someone during Christmas? You’re gonna get a steaming pile of poop right back.

Comment #1:
“I really think you need to just get out of where you are. Sure, a house is everyones dream, but right now that just doesn’t seem like it’s your reality. I realize it’s frustrating, but you have to make due with what you have, and realize that where you’re living (from how you described it anyway) appears to be a health hazard. I really think you need to just move into an apartment some where and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! Again, it’s not ideal, but neither is being stuck in a lease for a drafty roach infested house. Maybe you should consider getting some sort of job. I get that you want to stay with your child, but it seems like you need money….badly, and unfortunately you’re not going to do that staying home with him. Good luck.”

This was posted in response to last night’s blog where I was griping about how we can’t afford a house at the moment.
When did it become so taboo to be a stay-at-home mom? It’s like people assume that staying home with your child is just being a lazy bum. I have no problem with working moms, for some people it’s just not an option to stay home due to money problems. For us, it’s the other way around. With how little I would make, the cost of daycare and gas, and other money that would be tacked on to me working outside of the home- I would literally bring home no money. So i’m supposed to just pay to be away from my kid? Yeah, ’cause that makes sense.
If I made something like 30k a year, I would have gone back to work a LONG time ago, but that isn’t the case.
Moving into an apartment around here, would end up costing us MORE money. We got a ‘good’ deal on this townhouse because it’s big and pretty inexpensive. Yes, it’s crappy. There are things going on that shouldn’t be going on because the leasing office should take care of this place the way they say they are- but moving to another rental would be stupid.
I love that people make asinine assumptions, with no factual basis, just to be bitchy. Just to be right. Just to put someone else down.
As if the decisions we made as a family have no rhyme or reason behind them. As if we put zero thought into our situation. Give me a break. That may have been what you did, but it’s not what we did.
And honestly, I wouldn’t give up being a stay at home mom for a measly paycheck. Nothing can replace raising my own child, even a house.
Give that some thought before you judge my life. Maybe actually READ my blog before commenting anonymously just so you can say whatever you want without having to face the music.

Comment #2:
“I’ve gone and read some of your blog and frankly you strike me as a miserable bitch. I had a son at your age too and he’s 15 now and amazing because even in tough times his mom was positive and upbeat. You are a whiner and you suck. Stop crying.”


Eat a dick. No really, you sound like you need to get laid, badly.

You’ve read some of my blog and decided i’m a miserable bitch? Let me guess, you read the few posts on the first page where i’m upset about the whole house situation.. and that makes me miserable? So.. i’m not allowed to be upset that we can’t afford a house?
Who WOULDN’T be upset and/or disappointed? I think it’s a totally natural reaction. Oh, but I forgot, you’re perfect, and have the perfect child. You never get upset. You never feel the need to vent IN YOUR OWN BLOG.. and that’s why YOU are such an insatiable cunt now, right?
See, I can do the whole assuming thing, too! Except.. well.. I do it better, and i’m probably right. Whereas, you’re so off base it’s almost astounding.
Wait.. are you that crazy lady that lives across the street from me who went asking my neighbors if my husband was out of work just because she thought his car was home for one day.. when it actually wasn’t? Are you some psycho stalker peeking through my windows, watching me cry on my couch and take out my disappointment on my child?
No? I didn’t think so. Also because that doesn’t happen. Holden is one of the happiest children i’ve ever seen. Does he have his moments? Of course. Do I have mine? Yeah, that’s a given. That’s what this blog is for. Guess what, I can vent ALL I WANT- does that mean i’m a horrid bitch to him? Sure doesn’t. It just means i’m real and I have feelings that I actually like to express instead of bottling them up and projecting on a random stranger who I have absolutely no idea about other than a few blog entries because I don’t have anything better to do with my time now that my kid is grown and ‘amazing.’
If you think you have any idea how I am around my child, when you’ve never met me- you’re batshit crazy.
Seriously, get a life. Find a penis, and sit on it lady. Go to a shooting range. Do something to get your frustrations out in any other way than making yourself seem like a retard by trying to make another mother feel like shit right before Christmas.

In summation, people are complete morons. The holidays really bring out the bitter disgusting side of humans. Why i’m catching the brunt of it? People just like to crap on those who can have a good time despite the bad things in life, or those who have no problem expressing how they feel without a filter. Like I said, usually it wouldn’t bother me- but it’s CHRISTMAS for God’s sake. Let people be happy, even if you don’t agree. Being in the ‘giving spirit’ does not mean spewing your retarded opinion all over the internet- because no one cares.

Vent over.

Now, off to wrap Holden’s 1st finger paintings!

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  • I left the first comment, not the second, and I really do think you read too far into it. I didn’t mean any harm, and I really was wishing you luck. You have a shitty situation, and it’s not fun. I was just stating my opinion. Stop being so super sensitive. It wasn’t malicious.

  • Just to literally quote you quoting 311 on a blog I made forever ago:

    “fuck the naysayers they dont mean a THING!!!!”

    That’s really all there is to it. I vented last night on the importance of SOHMs, so no need to repeat myself. Tough things have happened in the last year, and I believe that we have done pretty decently. Next Christmas should prove to be in better light.

    We are just working one day at a time, just like everyone else. 🙂

  • I hope your family has a Merry Christmas. Screw those other women. They obviously have no life.

  • I would think I came off as more sensitive to the 2nd comment than the 1st, but it’s all in perception.

    Yours really didn’t make me angry, it more made me wonder when being a SAHM became a thing of the past, an archaic tradition. And it became clear that people will always make assumptions about your life before getting the facts.

    And again, why post anonymously? It just doesn’t make sense. I’m far less likely to bite your head off if there’s a name attached to your comment.

  • What are all those New Year’s Eve/NY’s Day superstitions that people are supposed to do to ring in the new year?

    I think we both need to do them. 😛

    Being a SAHM isn’t as easy as most people like to think it is. “So you’re not “working” right now?” Raising a KID isn’t work? Talk about needing decision-making skills!

  • I commend you on being a SAHM. MOre power to us! Without us the world would be hard to continue to rotate and that is some shit. Being a SAHM IS work that you don’t get paid for. You try working nonstop for oh…18hrs a day, hardly ever getting any “me” time and then doing it all over again day after day. Tell me if the world would continue on if there were no SAHM. Nuff said.