Good Riddance, 2008!

This past year has been so insanely tough on so many families throughout the US, mine did not come out unscathed, that’s for sure. While my personal life has been pretty damn good, with a generally awesome little kid, a solid marriage (other than the fact that Thomas gets on my nerves sometimes haha), and a handful of awesome friends (quality over quantity, right?), the rest has been kind of a mess.
The first half of the year was pretty decent.. The second half not so much. With Thomas losing his job right before Holden’s 1st birthday, it sort of went downhill from there. We still haven’t fully recovered from that and it’s put a serious strain on our finances and essentially killed our hopes of buying a house. Money is never something I enjoy thinking about.. i’d prefer to not have to think about it at all- but life has a way of throwing curve balls when you least expect it.

Here I am on New Years Eve, sitting home with my husband having a few drinks, our child fast asleep (for the time being) in the next room over.. Not exactly excited for the new year, but relieved that this one is over. Fuck 2008, seriously. Screw it. It sucked, hard, and i’m glad it will be over in a matter of hours.

Let’s all hope 2009 brings much better things for everyone. Less struggling, less stress, less shit-ass drivers (not holding my breath on that one).. Hopefully a new home without black mold and now a large hole in my kitchen ceiling that won’t be patched until after the new year (yay for maintenance!).. And maybe better TV programming. Seriously, Elf is a funny movie, but do we really need a 24 hour nonstop marathon of it? I think not.

Anyways, happy new years y’all. More funny and bitching (i’m sure) to come in ’09.

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  • 2008 was pretty bad for us really. Not a fun time.

    However, we made it through, and actually in a better financial situation than when it started. I figure a 60% increase is pretty good over one year.

    But, you are correct. Losing the job did a bad number to the finances, and we will recover shortly.

    I hope we are able to get a great rental house. I would like to move out of this place.

    2009……….. DON’T BE A BITCH.