Gene wars

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and call myself crazy because I get incredibly offended when people say Holden doesn’t look like me and looks like Thomas instead.

Not quite sure why I get so defensive. It could be because I actually grew and carried the little turd for 9 months and somehow feel entitled to the privilege of having him look like me, but I can’t exactly put my finger on it. All I know is that my blood boils when someone says “He looks just like Daddy!”
It’s not like Thomas is horribly disfigured. Looking like Thomas wouldn’t be a bad thing.. hell, I married the guy- and I like to think I have pretty good taste, so Holden wouldn’t be bad off if he ended up taking after his Dad.

I think the ‘war’ in my head started when Thomas’ mom started sending him baby pictures of not only himself, but of her claiming Holden looked ‘exactly’ like them. No mention of me.. It’s as though I had nothing to do with creating him and he was a test-tube baby, created by evil genius Mother in Law.. and i’m just here to clean up the shit diapers.

That is when I made this comparison picture and posted it on my myspace just to prove that Holden does in fact look like me

I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to say that there’s an obvious resemblance there. You might even say he’s the ‘spitting image’ of baby me… in my humble opinion anyways.

My Dad somehow doesn’t agree. He goes as far as to say that Holden looks like neither Thomas or myself. Then again, my Dad insisted my brother get a paternity test for his little peanut even though Preston literally looked/looks like a clone of my brother, so he may not be a reliable source to even listen to when it comes to family resemblance.. but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get under my skin.

So i’ll take this a step further. it’s 3-way comparison time.

Now, it would be foolish for me to say Holden looks NOTHING like Thomas. It’s pretty clear where Holden got his bulbous head shape from (ahahahahaa). Personally, I tend to think he looks MORE like me.
Upon looking at the 3-way, he actually looks a LOT like us both.. but i’m still claiming victory for now.

It really all depends on the person as to who they think Holden looks like. It’s never resounding either way. Some people think me, some people think Thomas.. my Dad is way out in left field.
I guess we’ll have to wait until he gets older to REALLY know who he’s going to resemble more.

It’s not an all-out war like it was a few months ago… but I can tell you I still want to kick someone in the throat any time I hear those 5 particular words.
Can you guess which?
“Holden looks just like Daddy!”

Thanks for the credit!

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  • I have ALWAYS thought he looks 100% like his mommy!! He does look like Thomas too, but YES…..I agree, just like you!!!

  • I tend to think that most people aren’t going to say a boy looks like his mother, because they fear that they might be implying that the boy looks like a woman. Especially, when they get older. What 15 year old kid wants to be told he looks like his mom, who also happens to be a girl?

  • Thanks melissa!

    Anonymous- i NEVER thought of it that way! ROFL, so true though!
    I do have to say though.. my brother and my mom.. exactly alike, and his kid- exactly like him. STRONG genes!

  • I do see the resemblance between you as a child and Holden now. Be thankful you have those photos to compare. I guess being the 4th child, Mom wasn’t too worried about taking baby pictures!! Not even sure where any baby pictures of D would be since his mom is a packrat and loses stuff a lot bc of it. *sigh*

    I get the comment that she looks like her Daddy a lot too. Not sure how she’s going to feel about that later, taking into consideration what Anonymous said. LoL

  • Thomas is kind of like you, Terrie. 3rd child.. and while i’m sure there are pictures.. they are rotting away in a basically abandoned house in Missouri. That picture I posted is the ONLY i’ve ever seen of Thomas as a baby/child.

    There are definitely WAY more pictures of my brother as a baby than me though. He was the first, I was the 2nd. He got a baby book, I didn’t! I hope i’m not so careless with the next.

    I personally think Alayna looks like you though!
    perhaps i’m biased 😉

    Have you never seen a baby picture of D?

  • Oh man! I know exactly where u are coming from. (and by the way, Holden is soooooo you – with a little of Thomas thrown in) Although JP does look a little like his dad, and nowhere near exactly like me, he is a definite mix. There is no way u could really say he looks exactly like his dad (in my opinion anyway ! And in DH’s – cos i asked him)BUT, his family – especially his dad ALWAYS ALWAYS go on about, OMG he looks so much like a Hogan – he looks just like my father – says Matts dad and so much like Matt too. Most of his family say it – nearly every time i see them and it ABSOLUTELY SH*TS me. Not sure why – but it does. Like u i think, what the hell – u are making me feel like he isn’t even mine!!! Ha xx
    Love Bec