False alarm!

It was about two weeks ago when I got a text message from a friend of mine asking me if i’d gotten my period yet (what a way to start a post!) Sounds weird, but for the past 5 or so months, we’ve had our periods at the same exact time give or take a few days.. so we go by each other to know if we’re late or not. Mostly me bugging her, because I almost never keep track, and always worry.

My response was no, no sign of my period- and she tells me we’re both late. Awesome! This isn’t totally irregular for me. My cycles have always been whacked out, even more so since Holden was born. The only thing that has seemed to keep my uterus in line is HER uterus.

I didn’t think too much of it until a few days later when she sends me a text saying “Oh my god, i’m pregnant!” along with a picture of a positive pregnancy test. I was shocked! Happy for her, but shocked. Neither of us are trying to have a child, and to be totally honest, neither of us really even have sex all that often in order to GET knocked up so the situation was a little baffling.

It was at that moment that the worry started to set in. If she was pregnant, was I? Where was my period? Is my uterus just confused now that it doesn’t have another uterus to keep it regular?
With Christmas right around the corner, I had a lot on my plate to keep my mind busy- not a lot of time to wonder too much about what was going on with my body.
Then my boobs started hurting, BADLY.
Ok, this happens with almost every cycle before I get my period. No biggie.
Then my back starts to ache. Not normal. And not just a dull ache, but strong enough to bother me constantly.

A week goes by, and still no period. My mind goes into overdrive. Could I be? Is it possible? When would I have conceived? When could I have ovulated? Did we have sex then? She got pregnant with the pull out method, so it’s totally possible for the same thing to happen to me. Should I test or just wait it out??

Christmas comes and goes, and it’s all i’m thinking about at that point. The boob pain and back pain combined are seriously bothering me. I notice i’m incredibly bloated (or just ate too much.. probably both), and think “this better be a FOOD baby and not a REAL baby.”

The worst part is wondering. Every little thing could be a symptom of pregnancy. Every little thing gets overanalyzed. I suppose I could have squashed the whole thing by testing, but let’s face it: i’m stubborn and broke.

I decide to wait it out for a few more days before breaking down and testing. This doesn’t stop my from blowing my friend’s phone up, asking her what her symptoms were, when she thought she conceived.. all kinds of questions that really only made the curiosity worse.

Another baby right now would NOT be good for us. I’d really like to get Holden OUT of diapers (we’ve had a BAD week with the potty), get us INTO a house, and get comfortable with money before even thinking about putting another bun in my oven… If I were to be preggo though, it’d be my own damn fault for not taking the necessary precautions to prevent other than the good ol’ “pull and pray” method.

I went to sleep last night with my mind racing. That wreaked havok on my sleep cycle. I had all kinds of crazy whacked out dreams.
And what did I wake up to? You guessed it, Aunt Flo.

HUGE sigh of relief. Although, she is PISSED at me and giving me a hell of a time. Some of the worst cramps i’ve had in months. Stupid old hag.
I’m glad i’m not pregnant, but DAMN I hate being on the rag. I’m sure Thomas and Holden must hate it too, because I am in super-bitch mode. Didn’t help that Holden was in a pretty rotten mood all day too.

In all seriousness, I should stop worrying altogether about late periods. As I said, it’s not abnormal for me to have ridiculously long cycles.
This is probably the 4th false alarm i’ve had since giving birth, you’d think i’d just chalk it up to a stubborn uterus by now.

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  • WHEW!!!!!

    Almost had to make a run to Walgreens.

    You are right, there is no room for making an oopsie at the moment. Let’s atleast wait until Holden has good common sense to make it to the potty on time. And not want to crap his pants the moment he gets off of it. We however did get a pee today. 🙂

    I think the cycle thing is so weird. Nothing but nothing can tell you if you are going to have a baby otherwise.

  • I was just lurking again yesterday so I know who you’re talking about! It’s so exciting to think about, but then I realize how tired I am and how broke we are and how unbelievably needy Emmy is and I…blergh. Yeah. Not to mention I want to lose about 50 pounds first.

    Myspace isn’t loading any pages for me so I’m going to have to try to get back to you on there later. Grr.