It’s not very often that Thomas and I have company over. I’d say once a week.. at most (and the neighbors don’t count). Sometimes even less if my Dad decides not to come over on Tuesdays while my step mother has her bitter old bitty’s club meeting (aka, bible group).
It sounds kind of sad to never have people over, but when you have a kid who will wake up if you BREATHE the wrong way- silence is welcome.

Our nights are sort of busy, trying to get everything in all at once so I can see someone feeling pretty overwhelmed watching us go about our nightly ritual.. But on the rare occasion that I have company over during the DAYTIME, people must think I lead the most boring unstimulated life in the history of life itself.

Today one of Thomas’ best friends was in town (she lives in NC and works two jobs, busy girl).. and since honestly I never get a whole lot of adult interaction, and can always use extra hands to help with Holden I told her to come on over while Thomas was at work to hang out with the monster and I.
This week is probably one of the worst weeks to come and visit. Not as if Holden and I do much other than play most of the day anyways, but now with my mouth throbbing I can hardly even do that.. So to her it must seem like I sit my ass on the couch all day and do nothing but call “don’t touch that!” over to Holden from across the room. I know she really likes seeing Holden because she rarely gets to, but I could tell there were a few times she was drifting off into La La Land.

I always feel bad- i’m NOT good at entertaining people. Well, people over the age of 2 anyways. I’m readily willing to admit that my life is probably very boring from the outside perspective. There are many days where I myself am so bored I feel like I might go crazy.. but when you have a kid you just sort of get used to a routine and a way of doing things and when to do them that you don’t really notice or care how it might come off to other people. I like staying home with Holden, vegging out, crawling around on the floor. It might not seem like a super fantastic time to someone else, and sometimes I might agree with that someone else- but for the most part I enjoy what I do. Beats waiting tables or sitting behind a desk that’s for damn sure.

Hopefully I didn’t bore Thomas’ friend so badly (or any of my friends either) that she thinks i’m some old stick in the mud. I’m sure after the 3rd episode of Spongebob there was just no recovering though.

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  • I can’t believe she had to watch SpongeBob. THAT is torture! 😛

    It’d be pretty dull here too, watching me clean up after Ally, tell her to stop something ten times, listen to her cry, watch me tickle her, and listen to her laugh. LOL Had to put something positive in there! 😉

    I’m hungry but I had a doughnut, so I don’t want to eat anything else!! AND I’m getting sleepy.

  • Hehe (actual chuckling happening).

    I think she was just very grateful that you wanted to let her and you and Holden get some time alone. Without the buffer. Not to say that you need it really, you two seem to get along very well together. You probably had some fun things to talk about.

    Holden alone seemed to entertain her while I was there. She was pretty awe-struck by the awesomeness that he is. Walking, semi-talking, eating, playing, peeing, pooping-self.

    So, although, Spongebob probably put a damper on the situation, there is recovery room.

  • y’know the more I think about it.. I may not have had any hope in the beginning haha.

    I watched Spongebob long before even the THOUGHT of Holden crossed my mind.