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On one of the messageboards I frequent, there is a thread where people post what they received for Christmas this year. Good things, bad things, doesn’t matter- it all got put out in the open.
Only one of the posts really struck me. It was from a member who was saying he was guilty for receiving so much. While he is by no means ‘rich’, he realizes he got more this year than anyone could need.
I sent him a comment, I don’t remember my exact words but it was something along the lines of how my guilt is the opposite of his- here I am, guilty because I don’t appreciate some of the things I did get (read: the sandal shaped earrings that I can’t find).

His response?

“Look at it this way- can you fill your belly? Do you have a roof to put over you child’s head?

if so, life is good. “

And he’s right. We always find a way to afford food, even if strapped for cash we never go hungry. While our house isn’t ideal (I found a HUGE cockroach in the coat closet today), it could definitely be worse. And no matter how bad I think it is, it can almost always be worse. There will always be someone out there in a worse situation than me.

For that I should be thankful, and I guess in a way I kind of am. I find that i’m a little but pessimistic by nature. It’s not that I enjoy complaining, I just really like venting. Why bottle up emotions if you have them? Why not release the negativity in your head and then feel better for getting it out?
I’ve never understood those who don’t vent. No one has a perfect life. We all handle situations differently, we all have bad things happen. Something that might not be serious to one person could totally devastate someone else. I think that’s the reason why i’m totally baffled by people who call me ‘negative’ all the time, because personally I don’t think i’m all THAT negative. Sure, I have my moments, mostly in this blog..but I certainly don’t walk around with my head hanging, kicking rocks and generally hating the world

The only time I really find myself cursing the world is driving around town and having some douchebag in a mini-van think the rules of the road don’t apply to him and his twelve screaming brats. Speeding up to 70 in a residential zone and cutting me off isn’t going to get you to your destination any faster, buddy! See that red light up ahead? It means you’re gonna have to stop, so driving like a maniacal idiot is totally pointless. I hope you get herpes.
The year I spent as a delivery driver at Domino’s gave me some serious road rage and an appreciation for the proper use of the turn signal.
Really though, i’m not mean, negative or ungreatful. Nothing wrong with occasional bitching. People who are happy and cheery 24-7 are fucking annoying anyways.

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  • It’s true. Sometimes we do forget that we should be thankful for the things that we do have and not worry about the “cool” stuff that we don’t. Who needs cool stuff when you’ve got your home and your family safe/healthy? 🙂

    Although, it is nice to have “cool” stuff sometimes, so every once in a while we do buy ourselves something-usually when we’ve been good with our money for a while lol!