Christmas + Toddler = Disaster

Last Christmas, we really had it made. Holden was (like on Thanksgiving) just a baby lump, sat around.. didn’t get into anything. Ate his bottles, crapped his diaper.. cried at the Christmas tree and generally had a pretty mild time.

This year.. not so mild. Consider the fact that he has something like 13 cousins from ages 10 months- 16 years running around like wild animals tearing my Dad’s house apart.. a house that by the way is not baby proofed in the slightest, it was hard to keep up.. let alone catch your breath.

For most of the night we kept him trapped in the living room, that didn’t mean there were a lack of dangerous things to play with. The HUGE display of those little Christmas houses that my step mother collects, all sitting on a glitter covered sheet of cotton easily pull-down-able by a toddler.. all the knickknacks on every table, little kids jumping on the coffee table and the couches. Once he started opening the tonka trucks we got him, he seemed pretty content but the other little ones kept taking his toys. He was not pleased. For some reason, they also blamed their toys disappearing on him, and he was definitely not the culprit. Although, if you leave something out.. don’t be surprised if he takes it and hides it somewhere.

I always feel bad about ragging on gifts that are given to Holden, because honestly any gift given to him is appreciated.. but I know I called it somewhere on this blog in a previous post that Holden was going to receive a shitload of bath toys.. and I was right. Everything I pulled out of his stocking was a bath toy.. even his BIG toy was a huge bath toy, one he already has.. that he got on his birthday, in front of my parents. Clueless!
I assumed Holden would love tearing wrapping paper off of toys, I was mistaken. He more enjoyed running around with a wrapped toy, not taking the paper off at all- and crying when we tried to get him to unwrap it. Goes to show you that kids really don’t care what you get them as long as you give them SOMETHING to play with.

Cutest moment of the night had to be when Holden rolled over and snuggled on his little cousin Preston. DAMN not having my camera ready at the perfect moments! Story of my life. Or maybe the cutest moment had to be Holden giving my brother an open-mouthed kiss goodbye. Pure awesome to watch my brother cringe and wipe baby-drool off of his face.

Speaking of my brother- best gift giver ever. Every Christmas he gets me a new purse. I know, I am a shame to women all over for not having a huge purse collection- for the most part i’m really not interested in Coach or anything fancy like that. Leave it to my brother to have good enough taste to where I never have to buy myself a new purse. I’ve still been using the one he got me last year, now I have another super fancy purse.. even BIGGER to shove all of my crap in (more like all of Holden’s crap). This may mean I no longer have to drag a huge baby bag around. Condense it to one. Works for me.
He also got Holden a SUPER cute outfit (unlike my dad, a ONESIE, come ON! It would be cute if it wasn’t a onesie though, so I give him credit for that).

The thing I hate is worrying if the people I bought gifts for really liked their presents. My Dad has everything he could ever want, so the only thing we can give him are framed pictures that he doesn’t have of Holden. This year we got him this really neat collage type picture frame and put a handprint of Holden in there, some pictures of Holden and Preston together, and others of the family.. he seemed to like it, but who knows. They have so many pictures hanging in their house, I don’t think they care anymore- they’ll put it up.
Since my brother just bought a house (sigh..) and doesn’t have many printed or framed pictures of Preston, it seemed like the perfect gift for him. The only comment I heard was that he thought he looked ugly in the top picture, but according to Thomas he loved it.

I love the food, but hate feeling incredibly fat. I seriously can’t help myself when it comes to holiday food. Especially the oreo-balls my step sister made. OMFG, so good. I think I must have had like 5.. and they were so rich and sweet each one must have taken a good 3 minutes to eat and they weren’t even very big. I’m hoping to take a nice big poop so I can feel less guilty about all the calories i’ve consumed- knowing my luck.. it’ll go straight to my ass.

Tomorrow’s Christmas should be a little less hectic. We’re going to my aunt & uncle’s house (my mom’s side of the family), and their house is pretty solid when it comes to baby proofing- and I think there should only be two other children there as opposed to THIRTEEN. Both children are incredibly well behaved. Poor Monet, she’s terrified of little Holden.
We’ll see how it goes.

I’m ready for Christmas to be OVER. For so many reasons, traffic.. traveling, screaming children, wrapping paper..I can’t say weather because it was 68 degrees today. WTF! heat wave. Mostly i’m excited to get back to blogging about the things I blog about best: babies and poop.
You know you miss a good poop post!

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  • My Objectdock still says its 22ºF outside. I am crazy tired. Not only did I have to chase Holden around that death-trap of a house, but I also had Alana wanting to play with me like there is no tomorrow.

    BLAH! I can’t wait to sleep.

    Sad I didn’t get much, but I don’t ever really expect to get much. I did get a $25 gift card to Fridays. W00T, if I ate there … ever. lol It was a nice thought though.

    Tomorrow should be better, and hopefully a little less hectic.

  • Aw, that’s rough having your kid running around a non-baby proof house like that!

    Hope y’all have a good rest of the Christmas celebrations! Still got Sunday to get through here, ugh. I don’t even want to TALK to them lol.

    Merry Christmas! 🙂