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Have you ever bought a new cellphone or camera and sat back and wondered if you really made the right decision? Or do you own something that you wish someone else you knew had so that you could discuss the features, maybe learn a little more about it?

There’s a brand new website out there on the internet called acobay that you can register for, for free, where you can network with other people who own the same stuff as you. Cell phones, cameras, cars, games, magazines, even destinations. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I signed up and shared my cell phone (the LG Shine)

I’m always curious if anyone else has the same trouble with the echoey sound I get when i call people, or the fact that I can’t seem to get the camera to focus so my kid’s head always looks like it’s moving in fast motion… giving him the appearance of 4 eyes. Now i’ll be able to see other people’s reviews on the phone.. and see if it’s just me using the phone incorrectly or if I bought myself a lemon. No one else has written a review on it, so if you have the phone- let me know what you think http://acobay.com/stuff/8675/topic

Even better is that you can add stuff to your wishlist and read what others think about it BEFORE you go out and spend the money.

The website looks pretty bare because it’s relatively new, but it’s gotten all positive feedback so far- and as the user base grows as will the website and the people you’ll be able to connect with who have the same things as you. So sign up, it’s free- what do you have to lose?

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  • I think my BIL had that phone before he upgraded! 😛 Sounds like a site for MIL bc she’s always wondering about stuff like that!