Back to the grind

Tomorrow marks the first day since wisdom teeth surgery that i’ll be able to do EVERYTHING I did before getting those evil things yanked from my face.

Don’t get me wrong- i’m excited to finally get back to normal. As exciting as sitting around like a worthless lump watching Spongebob with Holden and eating semi-solid food has been, i’ve missed having at least a feeling of productivity.

With this excitement comes a sense of dread. It’s been just about two weeks since i’ve excersized.. and I am feeling FLUFFY and lethargic. The more you excersize, the higher tolerance you gain. Work outs become a little easier, a little more tolerable. You can differentiate between good and bad pain. The break i’ve taken probably means that tomorrow’s workout is totally going to kick my ass. It’s going to make me wish I lived in a rancher because my thighs will feel like jello and stairs will not be my friend. I imagine I will also sweat profusely, and my workout may take twice as long because i’ll be taking more breaks to whine about how much it hurts instead of just plugging through it like I normally do.
These are all things that I do not look forward to.

On top of that, I can’t imagine Holden is going to be thrilled that instead of watching TV, running around like a madman, and snuggling with me.. he’s going to go back to being locked in his baby prison listening to OnDemand music and watching me struggle. He didn’t really enjoy being locked in there in the first place.. but now he’s had a taste of the ‘lazy days’ for the past two weeks, and going back to ‘normal’ suddenly might be an unwelcome shock.

One last reason to dread Christmas- I have this sinking feeling that my monthly hellraiser will be paying me a visit some time this week. Most likely on Christmas morning.. since I never seem to have ANY kind of good luck when it comes to Christmas. My boobs hurt, i’m bloated and retaining way too much water.. and i’m kinda crampy. YAY! Just the gift I wanted this Christmas!! Too bad it doesn’t come with a receipt or I would take the bitch BACK for a full refund. Hell, i’d pay them to take it back.

I feel a case of the Mondays coming.

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  • Doesn’t sound like a buttload of fun to me. I have to gte up early to shower and go to work though, so I feel the pain (granted, I dont have to work out though). Hopefully, Holden will manage a way to keep himself occupied whilst you are working out.

    Sorry for not having read the blog since Wednesday. I dont know what happened there. 🙁

    Go to work for me!