Hard to believe this is my 100th post! I’m not sure it should really count as such considering a decent amount of stuff i’ve posted has been advertisements to make some extra cash on the side… but whatever- i’ll take it!

Pretty fitting for this to be post #100, considering tomorrow is my consultation for surgery to get this stupid wisdom tooth removed.. so I might just die via panic attack due to my extreme fear of dentists and having things yanked out of my face forcefully.
I wish I could say the surgery was actually HAPPENING tomorrow, but that’s extremely doubtful. I hate all the hoops you have to jump through in order to get things done these days. There’s always a middleman, resulting in more copays, more hassle, more stress, more time wasted.

I have this sinking feeling that they’re going to do an X-Ray and find more wisdom teeth they ‘need’ to pull… Or tell me I need an emergency root canal.. Or just tell me that my teeth totally suck. The sad thing is, I actually had really straight perfect teeth UNTIL I got braces. Pointless (expensive, painful, HIDEOUS) contraption.

Is it sad to hope that my wisdom tooth area is infected so they have to immediately remove it? Anything to get it done sooner! I’m tired of not sleeping well, only to wake up and the entire left side of my face is throbbing. And adult orajel SUCKS. Holden’s weak ass stuff did the trick better, and for longer.

I wish I had something more poignant to write on this historic day… but.. I don’t, so i’m going to go watch trashy reality tv now!

Oh, and thanks for reading!

Posted on December 7, 2008 by Holdin' Holden 3 Comments
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  • I’m trying to give you a hand here! Not sure how much I have done, but I hope it helps! Congrats on your 100th post anyway! And good luck tomorrow!

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  • Wow… 100 already? About 75 actual posts, well 55 if you count the 20 you had to back post? Either way, congratulations… I know I should be reading your 1000th sometime in the future. 😉

    I do hate the middleman though. Things should just be … get it done … fast. It’s all a ploy to make more money. Here’s another $20 copay. I’ll see you tomorrow for another.