Zero Tolerance for BS

Let’s rewind to a few years ago- before even THINKING about becoming pregnant. You could say I was kind of a pushover. Ok, a total pushover. I hated confrontation, disagreements, arguing- the whole shebang. I went out of my way to completely avoid it altogether and in the process, people decided it was easy to walk all over me and unfortunately for the most part I allowed it. I’ve never been a big fan of drama, although i’ll admit that I love gossiping like an evil high school bitch.

Now that I have a child who is in need of basically constant attention and a lot of coddling- I have zero tolerance for BS from other people. It just isn’t there. Things I would put up with before just don’t fly with me. Rumors, drama.. just people being downright immature and ridiculous. Don’t bring that crap to me, you’ll get answers you don’t want to hear!

I sort of feel like i’ve becoming the ‘nagging mom’- only not to my own kid, but to everyone else.
Allow me to stand back and wag my finger at you and tell you that you “just shouldn’t be doing that, it’s time to grow up!”.. maybe throw in a ‘little missy’ for good measure. I am one of the oldest out of my friends, and the first in my ‘inner-circle’ to get married and have a kid.. not to mention that most of my friends have the “Peter Pan Complex” and just don’t want to grow up- so that makes me the old lady of the group at 24 years old.

I just have no patience to coddle people. I’ve always been honest, just not as upfront and blunt as I am now and i’ve found that a lot of people just can’t handle me telling them that their deadbeat boyfriend is a piece of crap and they deserve better (who knew?!)

Most of my friends have learned not to come to me for advice unless they REALLY want the truth, and not glossed-over BS that’s going to make them feel better even though it isn’t even remotely what I really think.
It’s definitely made my life more peaceful, that’s for sure. Sometimes I miss the glory days of all the girls in the bathroom, one obviously crying and black eyeliner streaming down her face… but then I remember how stressful and annoying it was and how much trouble I got myself into, and I know that i’d rather deal with a screaming child ANY day. At least he doesn’t talk back (yet).

On a sidenote- Holden tinkled a little in the potty today, YAY! And by a little.. we’re talking 5 drops at most. It’s progress though!

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  • Damn I was so excited for the pee. Probably the most excited I have ever been about human excrement. C’est la vie, I guess.

    It is true about your advice that you give people. I remember that specific instance with your friend travelling all over the country, just after getting married. You straight on asked him, “Do you hate your wife?” I think I remember him saying, “Wow, I didn’t even think that it came off that way”. Straight, to the point, it’s better than glossing over.

    You kind of work the same way with any parenting advice. You say, IT SUCKS A LOT AT TIMES, but it’s well worth it.

  • I wasn’t THAT harsh… But it got the point across!

  • YAY for Holden!!! A few drops is a few drops. It’s still going in the potty! That is great-sounds like he might be making some progress! 🙂

    Ally was grunting this morning and I asked if she had to go poopy and she said yeah. I asked if she wanted to go poopy in the potty and she said yeah. I get her on it and she pees, then she’s done. LOL Still working on the vocabulary!

    Do you ever try to take him when you’re out of the house? I am so paranoid about putting Ally on public toilets! I told D we needed to get a travel potty and he said, “Isn’t it a little cold for that?” Idk!! 😛

  • is it bad to say we don’t go out enough to worry much about it?
    but no, he HATES being on the big potty so I don’t even want to think about how much he’d scream if I put him on a big toilet in public!

  • No, that isn’t bad! I wish we didn’t go out at all-less possibility of eating out!

    Have you tried putting Holden on the potty backwards? It might sound funny to some, but that is how my mil trained D. Maybe put Holden some toys on the back of the potty as a distraction? Sometimes the little toys are all that keeps Ally there long enough to get something out!

  • I do give Holden toys to play with on the potty- and it IS the only thing that keeps him on it for more than a minute or two.. but the potty is already a snug fit I don’t think i COULD turn him backwards!
    I think we need a bigger baby potty for my enormous child