Stranger Danger!

Long ago are the days where Holden would freak out if anyone he didn’t know extremely well got in his face.

I actually kind of miss those days (only kind of), because it kept creepy strangers away from him. Well.. actually..come to think of it- not really.
For some reason, complete strangers think it’s totally okay to get in your baby’s face and goo-goo and ga-ga and even touch them. Even when Holden would crumple his face and stick his bottom lip out- he’d get an “awwww” instead of “ok, I better go away now.”
The weirdest thing is holding your baby over your shoulder and suddenly hearing “GEEE GEE GOOO GOOO BOOO BOOOOO AWWWW WITTLE BAAAABBYYYY!” coming from behind you, and realizing it’s a 90 year old woman trying to coax a smile out of your horrified crotch-blossom.

Holden went through stranger anxiety pretty early. From about 1 month-4 months old, he couldn’t stand ANYONE but Thomas and I, and on occasion my brother. Anyone who even looked at him would get screamed at. Even the SIGHT of another baby would send him into a full meltdown. The only acception was going to eat at Chinese restaurants. Holden was in pure heaven. He would smile and coo and we’d hear “what a big baby!”
I get the sneaking suspicion that Holden will end up dating only women of Asian descent.

He has now turned a whole new leaf- he seems to love everyone. His favorites are incredibly old hunchbacked women, anyone who happens to be Asian, and girls around 5 years of age (he’s like his Daddy, likes older women I guess). I can’t count the number of times he’s flirted with an old lady and she’s said to him “you wanna come home with me??”- he may not fear strangers, but I sure do. He even reaches out trying to grab random people as they walk by- as if to say “TAKE ME! MOMMY WON’T LET ME EAT LINT!”

I’m sure in a few months he’ll be absolutely terrified of everyone but Mommy and Daddy again. I know I was ridiculously shy… well.. until my late teens, the worst when I was under 10. While I hope Holden doesn’t have social anxiety like I did, I do hope he grows out of wanting to go to everyone under the sun. His lack of stranger anxiety makes mine that much higher. I don’t need to get any crazier, i’ve filled my quota!

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  • The ladies at Wok-N-Roll were probably the the ones that Holden would stand up and shout for. I remember checking out and having them say, “OH! How old?”. Us stating that he was 8 months, and us getting the, “OH! He is so big!” was the best.

    I really wouldn’t be all that surprised, honestly, if he started dating an Asian girl. Hopefully, he won’t get heavily into anime. I don’t know if I could handle that.

  • Ugh, I cannot put Ally down without her wanting to follow strangers-mostly kids. We had finished eating at McDonald’s yesterday afternoon and I put her down to run around some. She found this little girl who told me she was so cute and then went to leave. Ally tried to follow her out the door!

    At most people she just stares blankly, but kids are so different. She loves other kids!