Shopping online is going to kill me!

I have always had a shopping addiction. I love clothes, I love shoes.. of course I don’t particularly enjoy spending tons of money- but it comes with the territory.
Add a kid into the mix, and the urge intensifies tenfold. While I still love to shop for myself- most of the time I let that go by the wayside and buy things for Holden at alarming rates.
Of course, babies need a lot more stuff than I ever could. They go through clothes SO fast, and need so many more because of all the lovely mishaps they have throughout the day.. so every time I go shopping I see things I want to buy for him… even if he already has more clothes than he’ll ever wear.

For the most part i’ve managed to keep myself away from the mall and baby stores unless there’s something we absolutely need (like diapers).. but when I get bored there is absolutely nothing stopping me from browsing online (other than myself, and that ain’t happening). It probably doesn’t help that I somehow signed myself up for EVERY mailing list from all the cute baby stores, so every time there’s a sale there’s a shiny new message in my inbox about it- strengthening the gravitational pull towards going and checking them out.

Then I make the promise to myself that i’ll only browse (glutton for punishment).. and then end up seeing 6 or 7 things on clearance that Holden would just look ‘sooooooo cute in!’
Do I buy them online right then? No, i’ve at least managed to keep that urge at bay… but we end up going to the mall and trying to find the same clothes so that we don’t have to pay shipping, and of course we never find the same clothes but end up buying 3 or 4 other things for him anyways.
It’s a vicious circle. Some people can afford to buy their kids tons of clothes.. so many that they could probably wear 2 outfits a day and not run out of clean clothes for 2 weeks- we are not those people. Sometimes I wish we were, and sometimes i’m glad we’re not. Our townhouse has limited storage space as it is-his drawers are pretty stuffed with what we have (most stuff being 24 months… that he can’t wear without swimming in, that he got for his 1st birthday. Yeah, try and find the logic in that, I can’t.) It would still be nice to go on a whim and be able to buy every cute shirt I saw.

Oh well, maybe my kid will just be the dirty kid, ’cause let’s face it- baby clothes are expensive, especially the older they get. He wears pants two times before I put them in the wash (sometimes more.. he’s low on pants, the urge is strong to shop right now). Shirts? One wear. He wipes gunk all over his shirts all day, and has a CRAPLOAD of shirts so it isn’t really necessary to stick him in a crusty one when there’s a clean not as cute shirt in his drawer as much as it pains me to do so.

I think I just need to ignore the “25% OFF BABY CLOTHES!” emails I get from now on. It’s obvious my brain stops functioning correctly as soon as I know there’s a sale going on. My bank account can’t handle any more “OH MY GOD SO CUTE!” impulse buys.

Posted on November 9, 2008 by Holdin' Holden 3 Comments
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  • I didn’t think moms of boys would have that same issue! Idk why I thought that. Your kid is still cute, so why wouldn’t you have the urge to buy them clothes that would be so adorable on them?! Duh.

    Speaking of which, I was looking through a Kohl’s mag today(got it out of our paper) and saw the cutest sparkly little Christmas dress. I wanted to go buy it right then. Still fighting it, lol!

  • before I actually knew Holden was a boy I thought the same exact thing. It’s still very true that there just are NOT as many cute things for boys as girls. I get jealous at the selection y’all have! All boys stuff is covered in footballs and tow trucks.. and I refuse to put Holden in any of that, makes it more difficult- but that might be a good thing

  • We will be those people one day, the people that can go out on a whim and get whatever we want. I am going to have to get a little more successful in the business-place, which willhappen with time. Or, when Holden finally makes it to school age and you actually go out for your hair degree. You will be making buttloads of money with it, I believe you will.

    Even so, we aren’t all that bad-off, we can still get things when we get really urged to do so, but it cant be like $500 baby sunglasses. ;o)