Online Shopping Madness

Ok, so I promised I wouldn’t shop online anymore.. But come on- this is Christmas, who can resist? And sometimes you get the best deals online instead of in the stores.

At Kmart online they have a special sale going on until November 26th (which means I better act fast if I decide to buy something)
Click Here
I see a couple of things I could get for family members- like maybe for one of my step sisters or step mother I could get the Kimono wrap sweater (search ID# 70198911), 10% off online

If we hadn’t of just bought new bedding I might consider getting the Abbey Hill Bedding Collection, which is 30% off online (search ID# 96096112).

From what I read, the sale price is only shown in the cart and not on the actual page- the the numbers might trick you into thinking you’ll be paying more until you go to check out.

If none of that interests you, it seems like EVERYTHING online at Kmart is onsale through December-
mens shirts and bottoms, womens plus sleepwear, infant and toddler bedding, ALL juniors, boys tops, girls tops- the list goes on. There seems to be something for everyone- but it’s only online and only through the 26th.

One other pretty cool thing: There are hidden ornaments all over the website that can give you extra discounts on top of the sale already going on.


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