Ohh neighbors

My next door neighbors were recently rear-ended in their mini-van and got their back bumper totally crumpled. They’ve been getting jerked around by the other family’s auto-insurance for a few weeks now- trying to say they might not pay and all those things crappy shady insurance companies do to get out of paying.

They got the run around from a few auto repair shops, it’s hard to find trustworthy ones these days. I should have told them about Collision Repair Experts. They have thousands of testimonials and feedback ratings so you know they aren’t going to do a crappy job on your car to save themselves money.

Posted on November 13, 2008 by Holdin' Holden 2 Comments
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  • Oh, we are so there right now! Pray that we don’t get screwed by Mr. M’s mechanic friend!!

  • oh girl you don’t even know the worst of it!
    The family who rear ended them tried to DRIVE AWAY, why??
    because they had like 4 kids in the back.. including an 18 month old SITTING IN ANOTHER KIDS LAP. no carseat!!!!
    figures a family like that would have really shoddy insurance.

    they have a rental/loaner right now.. so i’m assuming they’re getting it fixed, but I know they don’t have money to get screwed over.