Oh how I miss tummy sleeping

My entire life, I have been a dedicated tummy sleeper. Could never get comfortable on my sides, and forget about my back- most uncomfortable position ever.

For the first few weeks of pregnancy, I still attempted to sleep on my stomach.. but it started feeling awkward to me very early on. It may have just been my mind playing tricks on me- “Don’t squish the baby!” types of thoughts.. but I gave up on it rather quickly and became a “left side sleeper” like the OB instructs you to be (better blood flow to the fetus).

Once you become hugely pregnant, you don’t even consider tummy sleeping as a valid option. Obviously it wouldn’t be comfortable to try and sleep on something that sticks out of your midsection like a watermelon. That, and I don’t know that it’s even safe to do so- because then you might actually be able to squish your child.. ok I might be making that up, but you never know.

At the end of my pregnancy, because of my high blood pressure and continuous “contractions”- I was put on restrictive bedrest, a.k.a. pure unadulterated hell. I was told to lay on my left side, all day- and only to get up to go pee and to shower (yeah.. that didn’t really happen). That is when I started to long for my super-comfy nights of tummy-sleeping goodness. It was like the forbidden fruit- couldn’t have it but wanted it oh-so very badly.

It should be obvious that one of the first nights I was home after giving birth, I crawled into bed and rolled over onto my stomach expecting to be in pure bliss… only to be horribly disappointed. Not only could I not get comfortable.. but I was incredibly uncomfortable. I chalked it up to still having a large saggy stomach from where I had just carried Holden for 9 long months and went back to sleeping on my side since I had become so used to it.

Over the next few months, every attempt to sleep on my stomach was equally as disappointing if not more because I kept expecting it to finally be as wonderful as I remembered and it never was. Either it hurt my neck, or my arms fell asleep.. or I felt like I was dislocating my shoulders. Could it be that 9 ‘short’ months of pregnancy changed something I had done my entire life? Sure seems that way. Even 14 months post-partum, tummy sleeping is still ridiculously uncomfortable- to the point where I don’t even try it anymore.
Just another example of pregnancy changing things you never even dreamed it would, seemingly miniscule things… but things that urk your nerves.

What’s even more amusing is that I still sleep with my hands above my stomach like I did while I was pregnant (kind of like how you see vampires in caskets)- I think i’ll always have a phantom preggo-stomach haunting my sleep habits.

Perhaps in a few years after I tear my cooch up popping another kid out- i’ll finally be able to sleep on my stomach again without going dead-armed. A girl can dream.

Posted on November 20, 2008 by Holdin' Holden 3 Comments
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  • I was a very large tummy sleeper for most of my life. Though I didn’t have a preggo-stomach, something eventually changed where I couldn’t seem to get comfortable there anymore. The deadarm thing was definitely a problem.

  • Oh I do relate to this! Not only for sleeping, but just relaxing in general- I always would lay on my tummy in bed to read. First it was pregnancy that prevented it and I was so sick of laying on my left side too (and I STILL have a crick in my side from that) and then because of the c-section I had to lay on my back for 2 months and couldn’t even lay on my side nevermind my tummy. That sucked so much that I appreciated laying on my side again, lol.

  • I’m not an only tummy sleeper anymore. I sleep kind of on my tummy but kind of my side too-if that makes sense. It’s a mixture of the two. I don’t care anymore as long as I’m getting sleep!