More Christmas shopping madness

I’m overloading myself with information on Christmas Shopping. I’ve just never been good at it- i wait until the last second and have no money to get everything I need.
As i’ve said before- layaway just seems like a really good option at this point.

With Kmart’s Kmart Layaway for the Holidays program, all you have to do is select your items, take them to the layaway counter, make a down payment.. and then pay only once every two weeks. Sounds good to me. Once your payments are completed, the items are (obviously) yours to take him, wrap, and put under the tree (if you have a tree.. we don’t, long story).
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There’s not a lot of time left before Christmas to make many payments, which is unfortunate (should have looked into this sooner), but any extra time is going to be helpful considering our finances right now.

Considering the fact that we’re not looking to spend much for Christmas anyways, the 10% down payment KMart requires would be a non-issue. And if it so happens that we wouldn’t be able to make a payment, we’d get a refund. Win-win situation it would seem.

It’s hard not to stress out about Christmas- it’s approaching so fast that it’s making my head spin. I still can’t believe Thanksgiving is already next week. As long as there are options for making payments every two weeks (read: layaway), it might not be so stressful after all.


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