It’s D-Day.. dun dun duuunnnnnn

They day we’ve all been waiting for- presidential election day!

I’ve honestly never been so nervous about an election in my life.. then again, i’ve only ever been able to participate in one other one (Bush vs Kerry).

There was so much speculation about going into the polls about being harassed about whom you were voting for that I was actually a little scared about going to vote.
I found out about two weeks ago that I was not registered to vote in the city I live in, but still at my Dad’s house.. where I haven’t lived in, oh, 4 years or so??
He lives about 30 minutes away in the middle of freaking nowhere.. in rich white suburbia, a.k.a McCain Country.

I haven’t said before- but I am a staunch Democrat. So going to McCain country to vote for Obama did not seem very appealing for me. Especially driving 30 minutes to get there with a one year old.

Luckily, it’s a very small town- so there were no lines to wait in (at ALL), which was a huge relief. I didn’t look forward to lugging around a 27+ pound baby (who refuses to sit in a stroller mind you), waiting in the wind and rain in a massively republican area.
None of that would actually keep me from voting. I get some weird adrenaline rush when I vote- my hands shake like a girl getting asked on her first date by a cute boy.

Surprisingly, there was ZERO hostility at the polls. As I walked up, the republican and democrat tents were chatting happily away (unlike last time, it was a tad hostile), commented on how cute Holden was, and sent me on my way.
Maybe I dodged a bullet, carrying an impossibly adorable child with me would detract from mud-slinging.. but the happy demeanor leads me to believe otherwise.

Holden didn’t seem to enthusiastic about voting- he gave everyone the stink eye. Not a single smile at any of the ladies volunteering, which is a little abnormal for him- but perhaps he knew this was the time to put on his “serious face.” Or maybe it was the wind.
He did, however, try to steal my ballot when I actually got down to having to fill in those little circles. Small towns = no electronic voting booths. I was tempted to put him on the floor and let him walk/crawl around the gym (we vote in schools here), but I feared the old lady taking tickets for the booths would fall and break a hip chasing after him. Can’t have that on my conscience.

Again, I am very surprised about the happy demeanor at the polling location considering this heated election. Some friends on myspace are STILL posting “NOBAMA!” bulletins.. which make me roll my eyes. It’s a little late to be telling people not to vote for Obama now.

Watching the results (very very VERY) SLOWLY come in is like pulling teeth to me. I hate the waiting game. And I HATE exit polls, because channels start calling one candidate or the other for the win before ANY votes have been counted.
It was incredibly discouraging at first- but now it looks like Obama will clinche the presidency. Which excites me to no end.

I’m not going to go into why I dislike McPalin so much, but i’ll just say that I would cry if they won and leave it at that.

What I know for sure.. is that I need to stop biting my freaking nails. I’ll regret it tomorrow if I bite them down to the nub over this election.. but it might be a worthy cause.

And one other thing.. if I never have to hear “MAVERICK!” again, I will consider today a good one- that word is like nails on a chalkboard and needs to be put out of its freaking misery.

ETA: my voting # was 667.. thank God I was behind ONE person in line! Voting as number 666 just would seem like a bad omen. Wonder if voter 666 voted McCain?

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  • I am so happy the elections are over. No more phone calls/ads about people anymore, thank goodness.

    LOL @ the 666 thought!

  • Tell me about it- I live in a ‘battleground’ state so I literally couldn’t go one commercial break without at least 2 negative ads. It was driving me bananas!