I really need to get into this whole Ebay thing..

For a long time (well, even since Holden was born), I have always wanted to start selling things on Ebay. Whether it be clothes I will never fit into again (cue whining here), Baby clothes Holden’s grown out of… toys.. etc etc. There’s so much stuff I have, that i THINK I could sell, but I really just have no idea how to do it.
So many women I know have had incredibly success selling things on Ebay. They’ve told me I need to “bundle” baby clothes that aren’t the super expensive brands (Old Navy would be a type to bundle, Baby Gap you can sell piece by piece), which blows my mind because… not all stuff from Old Navy is exactly cheap.
I just feel so lost when it comes to Ebay. I’ve bought things tons of times, never sold anything though. There’s just so much to learn- and so much to worry about.
Say I bundled 12 items from Old navy together, and started the bid at .99 cents (as was suggested I do), and those 12 items only sell for $5.00 total? I’d be sad, TWELVE ITEMS for 5 dollars! I think that’s what’s holding me back- worrying about not making nearly enough for what i’m selling… but I suppose it’s better than throwing the clothes away, or giving them away for free (which i’ve done many times, money would be nicer!)

I guess if I never try selling on eBay , i’ll never know- I just need to get off of my butt and do it. If everyone else has had such success, I think I should be able to as well. My pocket could really use the help.


Posted on November 7, 2008 by Holdin' Holden 3 Comments
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  • I’ve also let that same kind of fear keep me from selling stuff on ebay! I think you can set a reserve and also a buy it now price; If that reserve is not met, then I think the bidding starts all over again.

    I guess maybe we should go try to read as much info about it or ask as many questions as possible of those people who have already done it!!

  • i have the same fear too, but if you’re not going to use them again then… thats 5 more $ 🙂

  • soo true, both of you! It’s worth a shot, and I could definitely use the $5.
    I know when I went to the baby consignment shop and turned in a BUNCH of clothes (baby and pregnancy) and only got around 40 bucks I felt gypped. Maybe i’m just expecting too much.

    Our community was supposed to have a yard sale.. never happened. That’s like instant ebay!