I always wanted a Mitsubishi-Evo

Don’t ask me why.. But something has always attracted me to the super-charged Mitsubishi Evolution.
I could only afford the Lancer (about 20k less expensive to be exact), but I still admire the Evos from afar.

I’ve actually looked into upgrading my car, although I know I don’t have the money to ever actually go through with it- it’s nice to browse. I dream about being able to blow other cars away with a turbocharger, blow-off valve.

If you can actually afford to upgrade your car and are looking for a good website to find parts from- check out http://www.turbochargerpros.com/
They have just about everything you could ever need to give your car that extra kick, along with a full warranty.
Unfortunately they don’t carry much for my car online at this moment, which is probably a good thing because I won’t want to actually buy anything being that I don’t have any extra cash for it.

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