Hooray for Friday!

I am always glad when Friday rolls around. It means that for 2 full days, I get help during the daytime chasing after Holden, making sure he doesn’t eat foam from inside the couch he’s torn the hell out of, dealing with the random hissy-fits he enjoys throwing for seemingly no reason.. and especially diaper changes.
The sucky thing seems to be that he almost never poops on the weekends- it’s like he saves them for me. Three poops while Thomas isn’t home on the weekdays, so when the weekend comes I expect the same schedule and that RARELY happens. Holden no like poopy for Daddy? Seems to be the case.

I’m super excited for this weekend because tomorrow I get to go and get my hair done. It’s almost the only time I get to get out of the house without Holden, and just relax in silence and the smell of hair dye. It only happens every 6-8 weeks, so I cherish the time I get out. I’m a little nervous this time around.. because of what I posted yesterday (I think it was yesterday, I lost track of the days)- just cross your fingers from me that I don’t walk out of the salon with an orange mullet for crossing my hairdresser!

As much as I look forward to getting ‘me’ time, really the only thing I think about while i’m out is Holden- hoping he isn’t screaming the entire time at Thomas- because Thomas just isn’t home alone with him very often at all.. and while my patience isn’t all that fantastic- i’ve sort of grown used to being able to either deal with the tantrums, or to tune them out and walk away. It’s not that i’m not confident in Thomas as a parent- I just know how incredibly trying Holden can be at times. He loves to test boundaries and do things you specifically tell him not to- and then laugh at you when you pull him away.. or scream bloody murder- never know which reaction it’s going to be.

Normally on the weekends, Thomas being the ever-so generous one, will take Holden downstairs so I can sleep alone for about an hour. Not tomorrow.. somehow I got stuck with an 8:30am appointment. I am NOT a morning person.
So now not only do I have to worry about maybe getting castrated (I know I don’t have a penis) for telling my hairdresser (and friend, as I consider her one) that Obama is NOT the anti-christ, or a radical Muslim overloard… but I get to be grumpy and tired if it happens. Maybe it’s best that way, i’ll just react like “meh, whatever..Overloard.. uh huh, sure…”
Or maybe the fabulous thank you card i’m taking with me for the gift she got Holden for his birthday will distract her. One can only hope.

Regardless, YAY for Friday! And maybe a little yay for Saturday?? We’ll see… after tomorrow I might have to join the Circus depending on what my head looks like after my hairdresser gets through with me.

oh, and P.S.- I think I should be a writer for the soap I watch. I totally called the ridiculous plotline they were serving up days before it happened! I’m positive I could come up with equally as wacky shit (wacky shit that I lap up on a daily basis) as they put on there.

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  • You are totally right, on many accords here. Holden doesn’t poop at all on the weekend, and you definitely called that soap. I will attempt to find a way for you to become a writer for AMC.

    Holden does pretty well when it is just us two. He gets upset sometimes, but I know how to calm him down. For most of the morning we just play on the floor together, watch a little tv, and eat. It’s kinda fun actually.

    You’re hair turned out great too. That was something I was acutally a little worried about this morning after you left. But as usual it looks good. 🙂

  • Well, I hope you’re not the spitting image of carrot top now! I’m sure you will look fine!

    D tends to call the storylines on my soaps and he doesn’t even watch them much. “So predictable,” he tells me. lol I just watch and thank God it isn’t me! 😉

  • Wow I have been reading your blog for awhile now, n enjoy your Facebook also, but just decided to start at the beginning. Love that your husband reads n comments! His comments are equally as awesome as the blog itself! Why did he ever stop commenting! In all of 2012 and at least end of 2011 no comments! he needs to step back up as the awesomeness husband! Lol love you guys so much. I’m a single mom of 2 girls!