Holidays with children: not for the weary

There are no words to describe how exhausted I am right now. I knew today was going to be rough- there was a chance Holden wouldn’t get his regular nap in but I never imagined it to be like this.
He napped for maybe 20 minutes on the 2 hour ride to North Carolina- had us chasing him ALL DAY, and then of course passed out on the way home for about an hour.. essentially ruining bed time. It’s now 10:30pm and he’s wide awake in his crib. He was supposed to be asleep by 9.

I’m not sure if he’s hungry… or wired.. He’s certainly acting tired but just won’t close his eyes.

Next year, we’ll probably be able to relax more because we won’t have to worry so much about him shoving every little thing in his mouth and choking. Thomas and I were both paranoid and ended up hovering over him all day long. Never had I imagined myself to be the ‘hovering’ type- it’s hard not to be when you have a kid who wants to eat everything regardless of what it is.

The funniest thing to watch was Holden’s obsession with his cousin (technically 2nd cousin.. maybe even third, I don’t know how all of that works) Monet. OBSESSED. He followed her around, tried to tackle her, stared at her. She’s a gorgeous 2 1/2 year old, so maybe he’s thinking “Hey, it’s legal to marry your second cousin in Virginia! Our kids won’t have two heads, let’s give it a shot!”

Here are our Thanksgiving pictures:

Oh, that’s right- I forgot to take any. Not a single one! I’m feeling like a ‘bad mommy’- already kicking myself in the ass for not documenting Thanksgiving like I do every other holiday. There was so much going on it honestly slipped my mind. We took a few pictures when we got home but it just isn’t the same. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk.

I sort of consider myself an experienced mother at this point- but I had it easy the past holiday season. Holden was a lump. No running or needing to be chased after, it was pretty laid back. Hopefully the next will be much easier. It’s hard to make me like the holidays any less.. but I think somehow I do. Christmas is going to be hell on wheels.

10:39 and crying. Maybe we should have stayed home after all.

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  • We have been lucky I guess *knock on virtual wood* that Alayna hasn’t given us any trouble going from the car to bed at night. She has with naptime though. It’s getting more and more frequent too with naptime, so we’ve probably gotta try to be home around naptime. Blah to that part. Usually if she won’t go to bed, I give her a snack and a drink then try again bc there’s typically something going on if she isn’t cooperating.

    It’s fine that you didn’t take any pictures. I don’t have any pictures from Ally’s FIRST Thanksgiving. Can you believe that? Me with no pics of her FIRST Thanksgiving? *gasp!* I was too busy bfing her ever freakin hour, so idk but pictures weren’t a big priority at the time lol.