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There aren’t too many things I concern myself with when it comes to Holden’s development. I do everything I can to help him progress, make sure he’s eating healthy.. but if you’re a parent you know all children develop at different rates and stressing yourself out over the fact that your kid doesn’t “wave bye-bye” is pointless and will make you crazy… but there is one thing right now that i’m getting pretty frustrated with/worried about.

Holden will literally NOT stop watching TV. It isn’t just a casual glance over at the screen’s direction, but he goes out of his way to walk over to the TV and stand in front of it (about 2 inches away) and stare… and stare… and stare… I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a long trail of drool flowing from his mouth while doing it.

When he was a baby and screamed from reflux constantly, the TV seemed to soothe him at 3am so that I could go back to sleep, and I knew he just liked the bright colors and it wouldn’t rot his little baby brain- and he became uninterested in it once he became more aware of his surroundings.

Now I feel as though he is a complete TV-addict.
I’ll admit i’m probably a couch potato, I leave the TV on pretty much all day for background noise.. or to watch something random here and there, silence in the house drives me crazy. Holden was never really interested until recently. Usually he just plays with his toys- and glances up if he sees Spongebob and then goes back to playing. Now it’s the complete opposite. His toys just get in his way of watching TV. I’ll try and distract him with my keys (which he is obsessed with), and he won’t even tear his eyes away from the screen- just reaches and tries to feel for them.. jingles them a few times and drops them and goes back to staring blankly at whatever is on.
If you get in his way, he will literally push you out of it. If you turn it off, he turns it back on. If you tell him to ‘STOP WATCHING THE TV AND PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS!’, he either ignores you.. or cries, and goes back to watching. I’m about ready to tear my hair out.
I even went as far as to lightly pop his hand every time he turned the TV back on, and you know what he did? Laughed hysterically. I thought he was crying at first, but of COURSE he thought it was hilarious that he was doing something he knew he wasn’t supposed to do.

Today has been by far the worst in his tv-watching habits. It’s literally all he wanted to do. I finally got fed up and turned the stupid thing off.. and then proceeded to go crazy because I had nothing to do but sit there and watch him play. There’s only so much I can play WITH him before my knees start to hurt, or he just wants me to let him be. I suppose I could have used the time to clean… but let’s face it- cleaning sucks. And it might help if my vacuum didn’t spit crap all over my freshly swept floor, so i’m sure as hell not vacuuming until I can figure out how to fix it. I could read… but Holden would see that I was holding a book and want it, and if I don’t give it? Tantrum time.

Once I got fed up with the silence, I did the only thing I could and turned my TV to the 900 channels- music. There’s no flashing images, just a picture and a song playing. Holden was entranced at first, but got bored quickly and actually started playing with his toys again (well.. after turning the TV on and off about 6 times). I, on the other hand, got bored fast. None of the songs I actually wanted to hear came on. Basically I ended up sitting there picking at my nails for an hour, occasionally dancing and trying to entice Holden to do the same, but he knows crappy music when he hears it and declined my offers.

So i’m at a loss of what to do about the TV situation. It’s pretty cute when Holden laughs at Spongebob.. and especially when he laughs at Oprah.. but when he completely zones out and starts rotting his brain away and potentially crapping up his eyes is when I start worrying. Should I stop being selfish and just leave the TV off all day? Probably… but I really don’t think my sanity can take that kind of sacrifice, sorry!

There has to be some other solution… I just haven’t figured it out yet.

and no.. I don’t know why the image below isn’t working, grrrr.

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  • Have you tried the Baby Einstein dvds/ vhs’? I am not sure if you are for or against them but they do have all the colors and can be quite entertaining, plus they have a continuous play option(dvd) that comes in handy. They are the alternative for me.

  • I’m definitely not a fan of Baby Einstein at all, BUT, we have tried and surprisingly… Holden was not interested at ALL. He’d rather eat the actual DVD than watch it.

  • Baby-parent TV time is, to put it bluntly, crappy. There just aren’t many shows that parents and children can watch and enjoy together, it’s really either one or the other. I would tell you to read, but he loves books, for nutritional purposes of course. As you are very well aware. I could tell you to grab your laptop, but he would probably want that as well. Maybe we should just take more disciplinary actions to the “I want everything you have” attitude that he has.

    Baby Einstein is mind-numbingly boring. :oP

  • I don’t think you can really discipline a kid for wanting to watch TV when i’m the one who is watching it, know what I mean?

    it’s a big blinding TV screen that makes noise and has people talking, he wants to be involved but I just feel like it’s going to (as I put it) rot his little baby brain out of his head.

  • I leave the tv on all day too. Sometimes Ally leaves the room. Other times it is on BabyFirst TV and I’m counting numbers/dancing along to the music with her. She loves music and she watches a lot of Noggin too. πŸ˜›

  • I WISH we had noggin, but we have NO cool baby channels here. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    Holden is obsessed with Spongebob, Fairly OddParents, Dora & Diego… and pretty much anything else that moves, but those are his favs haha

    I put the music on for most of the time today and he danced all day long