Flat Belly Diet

As you know (if you’ve been following this blog), i’ve been ‘fighting the fat’ on my stomach since giving birth to Holden. I’ve tried all kinds of different diets, different kinds of workouts, basically everything I can imagine to try and get rid of stubborn belly-fat.

That is when I came across the Flat Belly Diet.

Developed by the editor of Prevention Magazine, it is a diet that doesn’t require you to kill yourself working out. It is based on eating mono-unsaturated fats at every meal. By following this diet, you could lose up to fifteen pounds of stubborn belly-fat in 32 days.
Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is.

The best part is, right now Prevention Magazine is looking for recruits to try the “Flat Belly Diet” free of charge, and to blog about their experience with it. Eligible participants will receive the “Flatt Belly Diet” book for free, a 1-year subscription to the “Flat Belly Diet” webpage, and exclusive membership to the Success Stories club.

So not only do you get a diet that is relatively easy to follow (and allows you to eat dark chocolate), but you get tons of goodies to go along with it.
Give it a shot, i’m checking it out right now.


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