Don’t go there- PLEASE!

Have you ever had the vacation from hell? Been looking forward to travel somewhere for so long, only to be incredibly disappointed with the location, service, people, place in general?
I have had far too many of these experiences, but the first to come to mind is Richmond, Virginia.

Sure, it’s the capital of Virginia, it has the ‘big city lure’.. but in all reality, it’s a dump. Plain and simple.
My most disturbing memory is traveling to Richmond with my mother to see a concert (Hanson, of all bands to go and see), only to get stuck in around two hours of traffic right outside the city. Once we actually got in there, it’s a huge mess of confusing streets, homeless people who will harass you, and filth everywhere you look.
Upon actually arriving to the venue, we were told specifically not to walk around at night. Go straight to our car after the concert. Why? You’ll get mugged if you don’t. The crime rate is astounding.

I’d always heard about all the amazing shopping in Richmond, but upon going to the much hyped mall- literally every other store was empty. The ones that were actually up and running were unfortunately not anything i’d ever consider purchasing.
The truth is, all the good shopping is OUTSIDE of Richmond, not in it.

The farther you venture into Richmond, the more seedy and menacing it becomes. I can remember getting lost on the way back and literally being terrified that we’d never find our way out or die trying. Maybe i’m a drama queen, but i’d prefer not to get mugged in the capital of my state.

Richmond is definitely not kid friendly, I can’t imagine ever taking Holden there- and I hope when he is old enough to decide on colleges, he decides AGAINST any college in the city.

Seriously, don’t go there.

There’s a book coming out filled with places NOT to travel by Peter Greenberg:
you can also submit your horror story to the site at http://dontgothere.org
I have, will you?


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