Cheap Drunk

It would be an exaggeration if I said that before I got pregnant, I could drink a boatload of alcohol without puking my guts out- but I was definitely not a puss. I can remember having at least 4 drinks before getting to the ‘falling on my ass’ stage of drunken behavior.

No-brainer: as soon as I found out I was pregnant I quit drinking on the spot. Nine long months of no drinking wreaks havoc on your alcohol tolerance. I expected it, tolerance has to be built.. and no drinking means I had to go back to square one.

Now, I don’t drink all the time. Only on the weekends, and only after Holden is tucked into bed and fast asleep.

When Holden was about 5 days old, we all went out to eat and I had a very large margarita. In the past, it might not have even phased me, especially when my tummy is full of burrito and tortilla chips- but I was pretty tipsy. The good tipsy. I was in a fabulous mood and thought to myself ‘it can only go up from here!’
I would have been right if by ‘up’.. I was referring to puke coming up from my stomach.

Not every tipsy since then has been the good tipsy. If I even think about having more than two drinks I might as well consider my dinner null and void because I will be tasting it again later on the way out. Some nights are even less than that- I never know when a sip I take will be my last and i’m telling Thomas “drink this..because if I do i’ll hurl.”

I should probably consider it a good thing to be a cheap drunk. It doesn’t take as long to feel fuzzy, and I don’t have to choke down very many of Thomas’ concoctions that he calls mixed drinks. And these days, i’m not looking to get completely hosed- it’s definitely not as fun as it used to be. Especially when you know that you have to be able to drag your ass out of bed the next morning to take care of someone who can’t take care of themselves- that’s enough to stop you from drinking yourself into a coma.

That, and pooping all day the next day instead of throwing up like my stomach would rather me do… well, it doesn’t stop me from drinking- but it probably should. My poor butt!

I love how almost every one of my blogs gets ‘poop’ as a tag. That never gets old!

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  • I wish my tolerance went down! 1-2 drinks has no effect on me and I just get sleepy. I’ve only been really toasted once in the past year and it took 6 beers. 6!! I blame the extra weight..there’s a motivator to get thinner- being a cheaper drunk! Then again, like you said- there is really no desire to get drunk when you can’t sleep it off the next day. Ah well, Em will have friends and sleepovers soon enough, right? lol

  • I’ve never been much of a drinker anyway, but I like a little something every now and then. Dad told me to try some of his brandy and it helped me sleep pretty well without much coughing. I feel like Nyquil is the equivalent lol. I did not want to get up this morning!

  • What do you mean, “Thomas’s mixed drink concoctions?”. We drink the same thing every week, Whiskey and Coke. If you are referring to that one day when I wanted to try something new and completely picked the wrong drink. That was my fault, hah.

    I would really enjoy going out and getting a drink sometime soon. Let’s make that happen.