Baby Pizza Face

I never realized until I gave birth that babies get acne worse than I ever remember getting it in my life (even during pregnancy). It may not be a huge breakout like you see on those Proactiv commercials, but I can’t recall a day in recent past where he doesn’t have some kind of zit somewhere on him- if not multiples.

It started out as what the doctors call “milk bubbles”

you can see it all around his eyes and on his chin in that photo, but I think it had to be the worst on his nose. They were just under the skin, and totally weird. I understand why they are called milk-bubbles.. because they’re white- but the term totally grosses me out. Makes me think they were full of pussy-milky nastiness, so I never poked at them in fear of dry-heaving.

As he got older and the milk bubbles faded away- the straight-up acne started popping up all over him- even his little (big) butt cheeks. I feel bad for him. There are some days he really looks like a teenager going through puberty, and there’s nothing I can do to get rid of them.. even though the urge to pop them is SO strong you wouldn’t even believe. Maybe it’s the masochist in me. I’ve tried to pop the super nasty ones before, Holden did not appreciate that in the slightest.

Look closely.. the zits are there, and they were (obviously) much worse in person. If Holden has a big-honkin’ zit, I usually avoid taking pictures of him. I know how embarrassing it is for me to go outside and greet the world pimple-first, and I have makeup to cover that nastiness up.. Holden doesn’t have that ability (though i’m sure he doesn’t care), and i’m sure as hell not putting makeup on him. It’s not that big of a deal, but I don’t really want people thinking I rub grease all over his face, or don’t ever bathe him.

I guess it doesn’t make sense to me. I didn’t think people got zits until puberty.. but then again, I thought zits stopped AFTER puberty- oh how wrong I was! Would certainly be nice though, right?

It may have something to do with how fast his hormones are.. growing? Do babies even have hormones?? I’m sure they do.. now i’m just confusing myself. Maybe he wouldn’t break out so badly if he didn’t feel the need to smear food all over his face at every chance, and not by accident either. He had a lasagna-mask at dinner tonight.
Adding insult to injury, he has what I think is eczema on his cheeks, arms and thighs.. so he’s always pretty bumpy. Thomas gets full blame for that (DAMN YOU!).

I keep thinking to the future, hoping he doesn’t break out so badly in highschool that he doesn’t want to leave the house. I must be pretty lucky, I never really had to deal with any of that. I have freckles, a.k.a permanent pimples, so I think I got a pardon due to that.
As cool as it would be to have Holden on TV giving a Proactiv testimonial about how well it worked for him- i’d rather him not have to go through the pain of having acne in the first place.

For now it’s just one of those things I roll my eyes at and say “another day, another zit on my baby’s face” or you can replace face with ass and it works the same.

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  • Aw look at that little baby face! 🙂

    Okay, I’m over it now. I had to laugh at the little(big) butt part! Idk if Ally ever had any. It will be my luck(and hers) that she will get it big time later on.

    I had terrible acne through high school and still get it bad sometimes even now. Weird, but I had pretty good skin during pregnancy. LOL-D always says that the pregnancy hormones evened out my own crazy hormones!

    Maybe Holden is getting all he will get right now. I hope Ally gets D’s skin characteristics. It isn’t HALF as bad as mine sometimes! *fingers crossed for both of them*

  • Ah… “Milk Bubbles”. That is very disgusting terminology for what the baby acne is. I kinda feel like he came out of your snatch with em. I dont remember a time when he didn’t have them. I didn’t have it terribly bad at any specific time. I mean there are some, they come and go, but not to the point that I would have wanted to wear a bag over my head to go out in public.

    Dinner-time is always a hit or miss with Holden. He either wants to rub the food all over his head, in his hair and all, or he just wants to eat it all so fast that there is nothing left to cover him with. I hope that he doesn’t get into super-messy faces, spaghetti, chocolate cake, icecream, etc. Things that are not only mega-messy on him, but on our floor, carpet, cats, pretty much everywhere.

  • so you’re saying my vagina gave Holden acne? that’s not very nice!

    fact- you hereditarily (it ain’t a word, I know.. but it works) gave Holden eczema, DEAL WITH IT! my vagina does not breed acne.

  • I swear I was just looking through old pictures yesterday, saw that crap on Em’s face and said, “Oh wow, I’m glad those are gone.” I popped two of them because they were just too big. One on her butt. lol