Time out for politics

I’m not the most educated on politics, but I know what I want in a president and what i do not want.
The coming election is arguably the most important that I will ever see in my lifetime. With the state of the economy, and all of us at risk- we have to sit down and make an informed decision on who we think is the best person to run our country.
We all have differing opinions, and I won’t go into who i’m voting for and who I absolutely loathe- but it makes me sad to see people my age who couldn’t care less about the election.. about the economy, about our country’s future. It’s very very sad.
The most important thing you can do is get involved and vote. Not only vote, but be EDUCATED on who you are voting for. Not based on age or color of skin or party.. but what they will do for this country regardless of who they are.

I am in the ‘middle class’, maybe even ‘lower middle class’, i’m not even sure anymore. Aren’t we all struggling these days? I worry about my family, I worry about my son’s future.. I worry about affording groceries and gas.
Everything going on worries me.. Who wins the election is worrisome to me. Even if who I support wins, can the economy REALLY be turned around in 4 years?
We’re so far in the hole because of bad decisions made by the minority that it’s screwed us all.

I get heated up watching the debates, so frustrated at the mudslinging and lying. GET TO THE FACTS. We don’t care if you don’t like eachother, we want to know the truth: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR US?
Right now it isn’t what we can do for our country, it’s how is our country going to turn things around before it goes belly up?

My next entry will be back to the norm.. like baby poop, always a good subject to go to when all else fails.

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