Teething- seemingly never ending hell

Before I got pregnant, I literally had no idea about anything having to do with children.
I knew babies got teeth… I didn’t know that it was such a pain in the… er… mouth.

From what I keep hearing, it’s like getting a root-canal without general anesthesia. FUN!!!

Holden got his first two teeth before he was even 5 months old.
As of now, he’s working on teeth #s 9-14. You can imagine how SUPER EXCITED I am about that.

The worst part is, they always look like they’re about to cut but just won’t finish the job.
It’s causing incredibly restless nights for all 3 of us, no matter what we use (and we’re using a lot.. orajel, motrin, and cold medicine since it seems as though his nose is a leaky faucet this week).

None of the mommy remedies seem to work for us. Holden doesn’t appreciate ice being shoved in his mouth.. he hates the taste or orajel (but likes the feeling, of course! Who doesn’t love instant gratification?).. He’s of course chewing everything (including my shoulder. Not cool) but not getting any relief.

Back when he got his first few teeth and we thought THAT was the worst of it (boy were we wrong) our pediatrician had told us to ‘stay away from orajel.’ Did she want to see us suffer??
Instead, we followed a trail of advice to get this teething giraffe from France named ‘Sophie’
He chewed that thing from dawn til’ dusk.
Now, Sophie is sort of an after-thought. Holden likes to toss her around and occasionally beat me in the head with her, but she isn’t his go-to for teething relief.

I miss the days where Sophie saved my sanity.
For now, i’m brutally rebuffing the pediatrician and using orajel.
Orajel is my friend… so is Motrin… and Triamenic.

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  • Sugarfree popsicles? In my day it was a washcloth dipped in Jack Daniels and frozen, sorta like sophie