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Consider me one of the lucky ones. Holden managed to go over a year without getting sick (although, the intense reflux he experienced I think gave me a pass for most sicknesses for the first year).. that is, until now.

For the past week (maybe less) his nose has been SUPER runny. I attributed that to teething.. as he is cutting 6 teeth, but I was very very wrong.

Fast forward to 6am this morning, and he woke up screaming bloody murder. Thomas brings him into our bed and his skin is literally burning up. You can’t even touch him without sweating.
We take his temperature: 102
Of course, at that moment, I crapped my pants. I noticed his heart was racing as well, cue a little bit of pee as well.

We gave him motrin and it seemed to bring the fever down.. he played pretty happily most of the day but wasn’t wetting diapers as much as he should have been.
If you have a kid, you know you can’t FORCE water down their throat.

Holden isn’t a super cuddly baby.. but for the last hour of his playtime before his 5pm nap all he wanted to do was sit in my lap and watch TV with me… and make me sweat because his skin was burning up again. If I put him down, he screamed until I picked him up again.

When Thomas got home at 6, we took Holden’s temp. again, 101.4
Awesome, so it’s not really getting any better.

Right before bed, still almost 102.

The shitty thing about babies running a fever is that there isn’t a whole lot you can do for them. Most pediatricians will tell you not to give the kid medicine. WHAT?! so you want THEM to suffer, AND the parents to suffer? Sorry doc, we all need sleep in this house.
I’m just hoping this fever is the end of the sickness. I hate seeing my baby suffer.. and on the selfish side- I hate the whining.

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