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I’d love for this post to be about shoe shopping for me.. but let’s face it- once you have a kid, you go out with intentions of buying something for yourself and end up buying 5 things for your kid instead.

We’ve had so many issues finding a pair of shoes to fit Holden’s feet. Unfortunately he takes after me- wide and flat. Add in some fat for his.. and you’ve found a lethal combination.
We’ve tried soft soled shoes from The Children’s Place. While they looked like they would fit.. he screamed as we tried shoving his foot into them. That was a no go.

We’ve tried hard soled velcro shoes from Circo. Again, they look huge, but they’re very narrow in the middle and he’s miserable wearing them. Crappy because they look so cute on him.

Last stop was going into Baby Gap (where we almost NEVER find anything that doesn’t cost a small fortune and therefore negates the cuteness). Much to my surprise there was a very cute pair of slide-ons (like Vans) on clearance. Tried his normal size (4), no go. 5? Nope, too narrow.
Size 6.. on a 1 year old. They are a little long, but it’s worth it if he isn’t screaming when i’m trying to shove his fat little heel into them, and doesn’t tear them off as soon as I put them on.
AND, for the price of $10, who’da-thunk you could find a moderately priced, super cute pair of baby slide-ons at Baby Gap? Not me.

I’ve never understood people who spend $30 on a pair of shoes that is only going to fit their kid’s foot for a month or two with hardly any use (since most aren’t walking full time at this age). What a waste!
My kid still stays barefoot most of the time, as do I.. and that’s how we like it.

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