Poop or get off the pot: Potty Training for beginners

I’ve found myself dancing around the subject of potty training. As much as i’d like Holden out of diapers, the stories i’ve heard about how hard it is to train boys has freaked me out so bad that I don’t even want to think about it.
I’d always thought that I was supposed to wait until Holden was “ready” to potty train- but the more I read, the more I realize that assumption was wrong.
The longer you leave a kid in diapers, the more accustomed they become to sitting in their own waste all day long. Hell, the US national average for age of potty training children is the highest in the WORLD at 3 years old. Infants in other countries as young as 6 months old are already potty trained.. I think we as a country as just.. well.. lazy when it comes to parenting.

I really don’t want to be a lazy parent, as lazy as I might be.

When it comes to ‘early’ potty training.. you’re supposed to get your kid a mini-shitter at 6 months old. I’m way behind the curve there, that’s for sure. Then again, Holden isn’t walking.. so i’d have to drag his stubborn ass to the toilet and plop him on- and as I learned today, he DEFINITELY does not appreciate that (he screamed both times on the ‘big person potty’). Not to mention that I have NO idea when he pisses during the day (yeah, you’re supposed to ‘know that by now’ as well). Pooping, I know.. because he makes it very obvious, but by the time I got him pantless, diaperless, and on the pot- poop would be everywhere. Doesn’t sound like a very effective way to go about things.
So.. i’m going to have to resort to taking Holden to the potty (once I buy one, and did you know that they make MINI URINALS now?? craziness) every 30 minutes and plopping his butt down.. just to see if he goes. Every 30 minutes! Sounds like FUN TIMES are ahead for me.

A part of me just doesn’t understand the appeal of diapers to a child. Why it’s so hard to break them of the habit of crapping their pants. Sure, it’s the easy way out- but who wants to sit in poop all day and give yourself a crazy rash between your cheeks? I guess that same part of me doesn’t understand how women can use pads- or as I call them- bloody diapers. No offense to those who use them.. and maybe i’m making a crazy correlation, but could it be that those little girls who weren’t potty trained early.. are those who would rather use pads than tampons?
Something to think about.

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  • I look forward to the day when I don’t have to worry about when he uses the bathroom. He will just look at me and say “BOOMBOOM” or something equally as squishy-cute. I’ll walk him by the hand, watch him pull his pants all the way to the floor (no, grown men DO NOT do this) and pee upright. Joyous days.
    Next thing I could hope for is for him to fall asleep at a normal time on his own, but that could be a different story all together.

    You might be onto something with the pad thing. The entire thought is pretty disgusting to me, granted I am man however. But, if there were a choice in the world, and I had a period, it would be a tampon any day.

  • I know this comment is a bit late, but i love your blog and i decided to go back and start from the beginning and get to know you. BUT i just wanted to tell you that i potty trained my daughter at 2 with the 30 min method, i didn’t know it was an actual method back them (she is 17 now) and it took me 3 days to do it. She had all of 3 accidents which 2 of were in public and my fault. (you know how it is when you get busy shopping and keep telling them just 5 more mins hunny…well the 5 turned into about an hr and she couldn’t hold it anymore) So like no one to this day believes that i got her did in 3 days using this method, and a lot of parents think it is cruel. I set a timer for 30 mins and made her sit for 5 mins. The first day i had to hold her on the toilet each time. 2nd day she just whined a bit and on the 3rd day she was reminding me to set the timer for her. At this point i was allowing her to set the timer herself as a reminder to go so she wouldn’t have an accident. I just want to say the method does work. And to those who disagree phooey on them!