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There are billions of things your pediatrician never tells you to look out for. I suppose it’s because there is such a multitude of things your kid can catch, if they sat down and wrote out a list we’d constantly be freaking out and never leave the house.

After 4 days with a fever of around 102 and being a complete psycho (whiny, crying, screaming, etc etc)- Holden woke up looking like this:

It’s not leprosy, it’s not chicken pox, it’s not heat rash. It’s something wonderfully fabulous called Roseola. (Note: There are two pictures i’ve been waiting on to be sent from my cellphone that show the rash much better… but AT&T is a whore, and they haven’t shown up in my e-mail, so I guess they’ll have to wait. UGH!)
Don’t know where it came from, or how he got it- but he got it bad.

The thing I hate the most is when people try to freak me out. Technically, 102 isn’t something to go crapping your pants about. Yes, it’s high.. but if you take your kid to the ER they’ll only give you ibuprofen and send you home. Unless your kid is around 105, they probably won’t admit them.. another thing your pediatrician probably didn’t tell you. They LOVE to tell you to rush to the ER, they don’t ever tell you that the ER doctors can’t help you.
That’s the thing about Roseola. You freak out for days on end, wondering WHY your baby has a temperature, why they aren’t acting like themselves… wondering what you can do to help and when it will go away.. and then they wake up with no fever and a rash that covers their face, neck and torso.
According to everything i’ve read, in a few days the rash will be gone and he should be fine.
By the time you figure out that your child HAS roseola, it’s on its way out of their system. It hits you like a freight train, and leaves behind a lovely little rash to remember it by.
We’re on day #2 of the rash, it seems less BRIGHT, but more spread out and speckled if that makes sense.

The whole thing baffles me. I’d HEARD of it before.. but since i’d never known anyone to get it I hadn’t even thought twice about it.
I felt bad for dosing Holden with tylenol, but now I know it’s really all I could have done (although, these days doctors don’t want you giving your kids ANY medication… yeah freakin’ right! and risk my sanity and let my kid feel like shit? i’ll pass).

So it’s now a waiting game. My kid gets to look like a pizza faced teenager for a few more days and then be back to his wonderfully handsome self. I personally can’t wait… because this mutant pod baby that’s taken over his body for the past week has GOT TO GO before I sell him to the gypsies.

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  • I’m not too sure the gypsies will take a child that has leopard spots. They might think that you are attempting to give them “damaged goods”, because we all know that the gypsies wouldn’t do that to you.