My Husband watches my favorite soap

I grew up watching All My Children, a soap-opera on the ABC Network (for those who don’t know).

My Mother was a stay-at-home mom, so every day at 1pm we would sit down together and watch All My Children. She watched General Hospital too, but I never found myself getting attached to any soap but AMC. Damn that Susan Lucci!

Through all the years, the show has stuck with me. I’d watch it on days i’d stay home sick from school, then work.. and of course now that i’m home all the time, I look forward to it.
Roll your eyes all you want, I still believe that AMC has good actors, even if sometimes the story lines are completely ridiculous (as they are on all incestuous soaps).

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Thomas was out of work for a stretch of time. Was I going to let his relentless teasing stop me from watching my favorite daytime television show (he calls General Hospital ‘Genital Hospital’ )? Hell no!
Much to his chagrin, he sat through an hour of All My Children every weekday he was home.. and though he wouldn’t admit it, I think he started to enjoy it- or at least get sucked into the story lines- and how could you not? They’re filled with AMNESIA and partner-swapping, cheating, fighting, and of course (how could I forget?) murder!
For people with the dull social lives we have- It’s living vicariously through a TV show… one you have to completely suspend belief for, but still.

Thomas went back to work, and I was back to getting to watch my favorite soap all by myself again.. meaning I could REALLY get into it instead of pretending not to ‘care’ about the characters i’ve grown to love over the past 20+ years.

Monday, in the middle of watching the show, Holden fast asleep on my chest (and stomach.. and legs.. damn he’s big) I receive a text message from Thomas saying:
“Adam’s a dick”
Immediately I think..
Oh great, hasn’t even been at the job two weeks and already one of his coworkers is being a douchebag. Here we go again.
I send him back a text that said simply
And then it hits me…
Adam is a character on All My Children,
a character who was just being a dick on the show..
Thomas is watching All My Children!
On his own accord!
At work!

I try to stifle my laughter, as Holden is an incredibly light sleeper.. but the thought of Thomas sitting in the break room at his job, eating his lunch and watching All My Children in all its ridiculous glory not caring whether his coworkers see him is too much to contain.

He’s been watching it every day since. I feel victorious.
He can’t ever tease me for watching my ‘cheesy soap’ ever again.
He CAN, however, make fun of what happens ON the soap… such as, getting hit by a tornado, being stuck under a concrete column and lifting it off as though it weighed about as much as a piece of paper? That I can agree with… but I still love it anyways.

I also got Thomas into watching (and secretly loving) Gilmore Girls, but that’s another much less interesting story.

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  • HEY!!! What I do in my own time is all up to me. It’s on, while I eat lunch (by myself, I might add). I did get kinda sucked into the story though, the whole tornado thing was interesting. It’s ok, I will make due with my work lunch hour, watching the soap. At least until I can’t handle it anymore.

    PS. I always liked Gilmore Girls. That however…… was a secret for a long time. It’s got great stories. lol

  • AMC isn’t that soap with all the supernatural story lines, is it? I might be thinking of Days of our Lives, but whatever it was I just couldn’t get into it.

    It’s funny when our husbands pick on us for watching soaps and then they happen to catch a glimpse of the show and end up asking, “So what’s going on with so and so?” Busted! 😛

  • Lmao this totally cracked me up because my ex used to make fun of me for my love of Days of Our Lives until he had some time off and got completely sucked in. I started watching Days the same way you did Amc and its not been 22 years so I definitely get it.