In Case of Emergency…

God forbid anyone reading this blog ever finds themselves in a situation where their home or business is on fire.
I’ve always felt that it’s better safe than sorry, especially when you have a family to protect, so taking the measurements to ensure your home is protected in case of emergency is incredibly important.

If you’re in the process of building your home or business, take a time out to think about fire-proofing the building.
For over 50 years, KBS has been one of the leaders in finding new and better ways to safeguard and protect buildings from fire. They can create a customized plan to help better manage your new home or building from exposure to fire. In fact, their entire motto is that it’s better to prevent a loss than to recover from one afterward- which is so incredibly true.

Take a few moments to peruse their products to help fireproof your new home or business. A few minutes is much less than months, or even years of trying to rebuild after losing everything in a fire.

With products than span from KBS Sealant, which is a joint filler and can be used internally and externally and can help protect against toxic gas, to KBS Industrial Coating, which can be brushed on to bundles of wires to delay the spread of fire and short-circuiting.. KBS has products to fit all of your needs when it comes to fireproofing.
Easy to use and effective, and so important.. take some time out to look through KBS‘ products.

You can’t ever plan for the unexpected.. but you can prepare for the worst and prevent total loss by fireproofing your home or business today with products from Kbs_logo


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