Having a kid makes you a puss.

Everyone’s heard of pregnancy mood swings. One second you’re up, the next you’re crying uncontrollably for seemingly no reason at all. It’s a given when you’re knocked up to make everyone’s life around you absolute hell (although i’d like to think I wasn’t so bad).

Two years ago, I could sit through an episode of Law & Order SVU unfazed despite the content.. I could watch movies where children get hurt or die without really even batting an eye (blame our environment for that, we’ve all gotten used to it!).
I never thought i’d be the type the shed a tear over a commercial, or to have to change the channel when a show/movie comes on that has sick/dying children.
I thought very VERY wrong.

I knew things had changed when I was a few months pregnant watching an episode of Futurama. It was the one where Fry clones his dog, but ends up getting rid of it because he thinks the dog doesn’t care about him anymore- when in reality the dog had waited for him to come home until it grew very old and died.
I bawled, hysterically. At FUTURAMA of all shows.
Throughout the course of my pregnancy, shows that never bothered me before got totally under my skin.. although.. I could watch all those birthing shows on TLC and Discovery no problem (which are far more disturbing to me now. can. not. watch).

Kind of like my high blood-pressure, size D boobs and an ass to rival J-Lo’s, I thought the random weeping at TV shows and movies… and commercials would go away once I gave birth.
Again, very very wrong (seems to be a trend, doesn’t it?).

Tonight, I was watching an episode of House where a husband had to decide whether to save his wife, or his child. Things took a downturn and it ended up he couldn’t save his wife at all and had to sign for an immediate C-Section to save the life of his child.
I found myself getting extremely distraught. Tearing up, even.
This wasn’t the only occurance, it happens ALL THE TIME, still. At least once a day.
I blame Holden.

Apparently him popping out of my vagina has caused me to turn into a huge pussy.
It’s rather embarrassing to be watching a car-insurance commercial and get all teared up over a guy holding his newborn baby in the hospital. I think it’s more embarrassing that when I tear up, my nose immediately runs.. causing this tear/snot combo that i’m SURE is highly attractive but hard to stop. I’m like a leaky faucet.

I guess it makes sense. Before you have a child, you have no idea what it’s like to love someone THAT much. It’s hard to imagine losing something you don’t have.

While I definitely DON’T mind no longer having the urge to watch women grunting and squeezing babies out on national television like I did while I was pregnant.. I still contend that snotting all over myself because of a life insurance commercial a year post-birth is totally ridiculous, embarrassing… And kind of gross.

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  • This is what I think when I see that commercial with the man walking around the hospital with his newborn baby… “Damn, why wasn’t my husband awake walking around with OUR baby?!”

    I definitely could’ve used some sleep instead of listening to him snore!

  • OK-
    Jenny..it doesn’t go away! Aiden was 2 in September..and well..it just never goes away.

    Sorry lol!

  • I am so glad I’m not the only one who can’t handle TV anymore. I get choked up at the dumbest things–commercials even–and can NOT stand to watch anything where kids/babies get hurt or are even in danger. My heart can’t handle it!!!! I was never ever at all like that before having kids. And my kids are 2 and 3.5. It. Never. Leaves.