The dreaded ‘mommy pooch’

When you’re young and happen to get knocked up, hundreds of people will tell you that “your body will snap right back!”
Yeah, don’t believe the hype.

It might be true for 17 year olds with ridiculously high metabolisms… but when you’re 24.. the truth is that.. well.. it ain’t.

Let me clarify, the WEIGHT itself was not so hard to get rid of. I lost 20 lbs in the first week, 10 in another month, and 10 over the months following just from eating healthy alone (I gained around 45 altogether). The hips and pooch.. not so easy.
I was already pretty hippy for being a small girl (5’9″, 120 before getting preggo), I didn’t need the BIRTHING HIPS, seriously.. take them back.
The part the bothers me the most is the pooch. The area on your lower stomach that just kinda.. hangs out. Says hello to you in the mornings.. swells up when you eat anything salty and gives you the ‘food baby’ as I lovingly refer to it.
The mommy pooch can go straight to hell.

Stretchmarks I can deal with.. though I didn’t get many- I could chalk up the ones I have to being battle-scars (although I might change my mind if I were covered in them and looked like a freaking zebra).

This pooch business is a pain in my ass…. well, not literally- but you get the point.

Anyways, the line about ‘snapping back’ is B.S., because your stomach does NOT go right back to being flat if you had a flat stomach to begin with. it takes work.

I’ve been dieting for.. well.. Holden’s entire life. Working out? not my favorite thing to do but I realized it would be necessary if I didn’t want to permanently look bloated. Necessary evil I suppose. I feel good FOR working out, knowing I did something to benefit my health and figure.. but I never get satisfaction from the FEELING of working out. I feel sweaty and gross.. and i’m a fan of instant gratification and working out doesn’t give that to me (DAMNIT!)

Pardon the jumping around, i’ve been drinking (don’t make that face, only on the weekends after Holden has gone to sleep, and DAMN, after the past 2 days I needed a stiff drink.. or 3)

So.. has my work paid off? I’m not really sure. 17 weeks of working out 5 days a week, mainly concentrating on the tummy area and i’d hoped i’d see a bigger difference- but I suppose I have to consider the fact that I didn’t have much to lose in the first place.. and toning is much harder than just burning excess amounts of fat.

Let me show you what i’m working with here:

1 week post partum

week 1 of working out (I worked out before.. but I was a slacker, i’ll admit it):

16 weeks of working out

there’s a definite difference. I’ve lost almost 3 inches in my natural waist alone, and to most of you, you’re thinking “WTF, you look tiny, STFU”… but somehow, as small as I am.. i’m still 2 sizes larger than my pre-pregnancy size. I don’t know how it’s possible, but it is. Hell, I even weigh well over 5 lbs less than I did post-pregnancy. It’s baffling, really.. and very frustrating.

So in conclusion, the whole ‘snapping back’ thing… it’s kinda true, but with a LOT (and I mean a WHOLE lot) of exceptions.

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