A day in the life of Holden

Ever wondered what it’s like to have a crazy 1 year old little boy?
Your kid might be the perfect angel, or turn out like one of the Brady Bunch spawns… not in my world.

7:15am– Wake up screaming to high hell… unless i’m in a really good mood- then i’ll just wake up and yell until someone comes and gets me.
7:20am– Scream through my diaper change, for no reason at all.
7:30am– Milk sippy time! Chug until I get tired, and then chuck it half way across the room, pissing both Mommy and Daddy off.
7:35am-8:30am– Crawl all over Mommy, climb up the walls, pulls her hair, snap her bra, try to take face dives off of the bed and watch Fairly OddParents instead of taking my morning nap until Mommy decides she wants to drag her lazy ass out of bed and take me downstairs to play.
8:35am-10:10am– Mommy fell asleep on the couch so it’s time to tear the entire living room to pieces.. and then scream when I get stuck between the couches, or when a toy won’t let me play with it the way I want to, or when I get stuck head first in my toy-bin
10:10am-10:20am– Scream at the baby gate while Mommy makes my breakfast and tells me to ‘GO PLAY WITH SOMETHING!’
10:20am-10:35am– Yay Breakfast! Now I get to throw banana slices and a sippy full of milk at mommy. Even more fun when she gives me yogurt and I wipe my slimy hands all over her.
10:35am-10:37am– scream while Mommy cleans my disgusting face and hands off with a baby wipe.
10:37am-10:45am– Try to hurry and push a poop out while Mommy washes the dishes so she can’t put me on the potty.
10:45am-10:50am- Mommy sits me on the potty anyways. Wiggle, Scream, play with my pee-pee.. rinse & repeat.
10:50am-10:53am– Ugh another diaper change. Screaming, followed by peekaboo with anything I can get my hands on.
10:53am-11:00am– Mommy sticks me downstairs while she checks her dumb computer that she never lets me play with. I would scream… but instead i’ll tear the living room apart again.
11:00am-12:00pm– Mommy sticks me in the baby prison while she rolls around on a huge bouncy-ball and gets all tired. She loves it when I whine.. so I do a lot of that and throw ALL of my toys at her. She throws them back.. I throw them at her again. Fun!
12:00pm-12:05pm– Mommy tries to kick me out of the bathroom while she throws water on her face. I retalliate by tearing my little potty apart.
12:05pm-12:30pm– I get yelled at for whining and tearing the living room apart again while Mommy sits on the couch. When she tries to play with me, I crawl away.
12:30pm-12:33pm– I get stripped naked and sat on the stupid little-potty AGAIN! I don’t know why.. it’s not like i’m gonna end up peeing or pooping.
12:33pm-12:37pm– Finally get changed out of my PJs, scream the entire time just for the hell of it.
12:37pm-1:00pm– Snack time! Goldfish (my favorite) and water. I throw them all over the ground, and then scream to get them back. Why? Because I can.
1:00pm-3:00pm– Nap time, finally. Mommy gets some much-needed quiet time to watch her stupid soap-opera.
3:00pm-3:10pm– Tear the living room apart again while Mommy makes lunch.
3:10pm-3:30pm– Lunch time! I throw my food and beg for Mommy’s.. then when she gives me some I don’t eat it. She does not look amused.
3:30pm-4:30pm– Mommy gives me free reign of the living room! We play, I whine, I play.. then whine some more… maybe take a poop and pee a few times in my pants, play with things i’m not supposed to and cry when Mommy tells me “no!”
4:30pm-4:33pm– Pointless time on the little-potty again. Doesn’t she get it? I’m not gonna use it!
4:33pm-4:36pm– Diaper change. No screaming! Mommy looks happy.
4:36pm-5:00pm– snack time! bananas and graham crackers. More throwing food and wiping my hands on my nice clean shirt.
5:00pm-6:00pm– Normally Mommy would force me down for a nap.. I think she’s finally given up, more play time for me! Which naturally means a lot more whining, and a lot more dirty looks from Mommy.
6:00pm-6:45pm– I get to play with Daddy while Mommy cooks dinner. I end up making him mad, I have NO idea how!
6:45pm-7:20pm– Dinner! Not only do I like to throw food at dinner, I like to smear it in my hair.. put it up my nose.. put it in my lap… wipe it into my eyes…
Does not make for fun clean up, so I scream while I get a full rubdown with a cold wipe.
7:20pm-7:50pm– Play time with Mommy AND Daddy! Maybe push out a little poo-nug.. tear apart the living room for the hundreth time.
7:50pm-8:10pm– Bath time! I make Daddy mad by not holding still long enough to get washed… and by peeing in the water.
8:10pm-8:15pm– Mommy gives me a baby massage. I refrain from whining
8:15pm-8:20pm– Start whining when Mommy tries to get me dressed. She tries to quiet me with my binky.. I throw it.
8:20pm-8:30pm– Bed time sippy and snuggle with Daddy in the dark.
8:30pm-8:45pm– Daddy rocks me to sleep in the rocking chair. Sometimes I pass out, sometimes I scream just so he’ll have to rock me for longer.
8:45pm- ??? ZZZZZZZZ, stir, ZZZZZZ, whine, ZZZZZZZ, stir, whine, cry, binky, ZZZZZZZ

That made me exhausted just typing it out. Never again.
And people wonder why I have no time or energy for bullshit.

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  • That’s completely awesome. It is too damn true! I bet this was as exhausting to type as it is to live with. I do not always get mad right before dinner (boo on that). And you also make is sound kinda creepy…lying with Daddy in the dark. :oP

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  • Where is Holden’s time to get out of the house? Babies need that. I’d go stir crazy if I were cooped up all day long too.

  • We don’t have the money or weather to go out every day. I posted a normal day, not EVERY day.

    and that link to potty training pretty much goes against EVERYTHING i’ve read so far! Crazy how many different opinions and ways of PTing there are out there.

  • I just read what I’m going to title what we’re doing: practicing the potty.

    Going through this first year of my LOs life I’ve found, as I’m sure you have(Jenny), that not one thing works for all parents/kids. Sometimes you have to take a little from here and a little from there to find what works best for you and yours!

  • very true, and that’s basically what i’m doing right now and hoping it works out in my favor. From what i’ve read in the book.. a lot of the “elimination communication” stuff isn’t going to work for me. Then again, I do NOT want to have a 3 year old who isn’t potty trained.. so it’s going to be all trial and error until he finally lets one loose on the potty!

  • Sorry Mom,
    You cant expect a person with the IQ of a tunafish to comment intelligently on this subject. They obviously cant tell sarcasm from their left fin.
    Babies don`t come with instuctions, we are supposed to use common sense, or is it Tuna sense? Get real fishheads, if you don`t laff, you`d cry..Tell the truth before your scales fall off!
    Baby fish poop when they want, and no amount of M&M`s is ever gonna change it, hence, POTTY TRAINING”
    Babyfish cry and throw tantrums, fishheads! Hence; normal developement! If you cant laff at that you DONT NEED TO HAVE BABYFISH! Mega props for truth!