Oohhhh Ugly Babies

Don’t lie- you know you’ve been shopping somewhere before and seen a pretty lady with a baby carrier on her shopping cart and strained to take a peek only to see the horror that is an UGLY BABY.
Bulging eyes.. boogery face.. funky hair.. weird shaped head.. you name it- i’ve seen them all.

I’m not one of those moms who thinks my kid is God’s Gift (although, he is pretty handsome haha), but I know he isn’t what I would call an “unfortunate” child, or anywhere close.

I always feel bad seeing an ugly baby. The mom makes eye contact with you and you smile when really you’re thinking “OMG!!!!”
and then I wonder if people see my kid and think the same thing? Who knows.

The funny thing is, a lot of ugly babies turn out to be gorgeous children/adults.. while some gorgeous babies turn into hideous monstrosities.
So if you have the misfortune of giving birth to an ‘ugly baby’, have no fear- babies morph so many times as they’re getting older that you have no idea what they’ll really look like when they get older.

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